Want vs Need

Things that need to be done soon:

  • business/personal taxes
  • plan for baby’s FIRST birthday party
  • plan for our Florida trip (to include: St. Augustine, Cocoa Beach, Disney, Sea World, Holy Land Experience, etc…)

They should probably be done in this order…but Disney is so much more fun than taxes. I have heard though that Uncle Sam isn’t as forgiving as Mickey.

Things I’d love to be drinking:

  • coke
  • sweet tea
  • more coke

Water should be at top (it should have even made the list!), but it is so bland…especially compared with the nice fizziness of coke. I’m addicted and trying to do better for my heart. Which leads to:

Things I really should be doing:

  • exercising
  • making my kids exercise
  • eating healthy

Who wants to do any of that though? I am not getting out in that cold to exercise and wouldn’t do that to my poor children either. Du keeps telling me the family room at the base gym is worth visiting, but I’m trying to see how long I can go without actually stepping foot in it.

They say that only two things are certain in life though:

death and taxes

So, hello Uncle Sam. Would you like some water while we eat asparagus and run on the treadmill?