Family Traditions

When I waxed nostalgic about Pensacola I mentioned a little something about a little house that would forever be a part of my childhood. Today, I explain. I get my sense of humor and all things mischievous from my mother (I mean┬áthis in the most loving way, Mom!) And she gets it from her father.Continue reading “Family Traditions”

Christmas Service

Our experiment on how we “do” Christmas was a success. We went to Christmas Eve service at church, then came home and opened presents. (Note to self: do present opening earlier in the day so youngest child will not tire out too quickly). On Christmas day we did the stockings and then made and ateContinue reading “Christmas Service”

Our Dancing Ballerina & Christmas on Christmas Eve?

On Sunday Reagan went with her grandparents to see the Springfield Ballet’s performance of The Nutcracker. She was enthralled. As if we didn’t have a dancer before she has now become a prancing, twirling, toe pointing not-so-little-girl. Nothing was done this evening without a ballerina twist on it. We made Rudolph cupcakes and will deliverContinue reading “Our Dancing Ballerina & Christmas on Christmas Eve?”