Naked Poppy

A poppy flower without its petals. Googling that, I ran across this page that explains the parts of the poppy flower. Fascinating! I love the detail (and the bokeh!). I love shooting shallow depth of field. I didn’t do too much to the original photo. I cropped in for more of a macro look; I’m so gladContinue reading “Naked Poppy”

Stigma and anther

When we lived in Monterey I was determined to grow citrus. We did the best (cheapest) thing we could and bought an orange tree from Home Depot. It took SO LONG for the oranges to grow and ripen! March came and we were rewarded with these beautiful and wonderful smelling blossoms. We finally got toContinue reading “Stigma and anther”

Gardenias (macro)

It’s springtime! The weather has gotten more beautiful and life has gotten even more crazy busy. Today I took the time to get up close and personal to our gardenia bush. . . and a spider. I love how you can see the pollen on the close up shots. I’m no botanist, but I thinkContinue reading “Gardenias (macro)”