Lightroom Presets and Wynwood Walls

I love Lightroom, and I love the presets that you can use with Lightroom. The program already comes with a ton installed, but there are so many out in the internet that you can download. (My favorites are the free ones). In the Develop Module you can run your cursor over the different presets youContinue reading “Lightroom Presets and Wynwood Walls”


Next to the Centre Georges Pompidou is La Fontaine Stravinsky, celebrating┬áthe Rite of Spring. Next to the fountain is a wall mural of who I thought was Salvador Dali, but after researching I found out it is the artist’s Jef Aerosol’s self portrait and its name is “Chuuuttt!” (shhhhh!) And next to all this modernContinue reading “Juxtaposition”