Crazy Christmas Lights


Sometimes the season feels like this. See yesterday’s post for the cure.

I had a lot of fun playing with the tree lights, long shutter speeds, and movement. Looks like a funky neon sign!

Christmas tree lights look like a neon sign. Not So SAHM

Crazy Christmas Lights – ProjectEdit365 – 05 Dec

The original was neat, but hazy. I decreased the contrast and vibrance and increased the clarity, whites, and saturation. I cooled the picture a bit, too, so it wouldn’t be so yellowish. The edited picture is much crisper. Here’s the original:



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Fall = County Fair

Cotton candy

Candy apples

Candy lights

A candy-colored ferris wheel at the county fair. Not So SAHM

Fall = County Fairs – ProjectEdit365 – 01 Sep

I really liked the original, but I wanted it to have a more vintage, stylized look. I sharpened the photo, ran a preset, and then adjusted the red color to give it more saturation. Here’s the original:



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