After. . .

Caterpillars! They were moth eggs. Kinda gross, but kinda cool at the same time. I was thankful that a moth decided our window was the perfect place to lay her eggs. The original picture was dark so I increased the exposure. I also sharpened it, both of which brought out a lot of noise. IContinue reading “After. . .”

Gerbera Daisy

My church has a photography group and the challenge for this past week was depth of field. I love going shallow so it was just a matter of finding a subject. Trader Joe’s flowers work just fine. The original was dull and I wasn’t in love with the color of the petals. Thankfully, Lightroom hasContinue reading “Gerbera Daisy”

Dragonfly Nose

I used my macro to take this pic, and now I’m wishing I would just set up the tripod when I’m shooting with the macro. But when you’re working with a fickle model you don’t know how much time you have. Look at how hairy it is! And check out that spider web stuck onContinue reading “Dragonfly Nose”