Proof of A-Retentiveness

We’re in the process of cleaning out all of our computers and backing up the info on external hard drives. So what, you ask? I just found some old information that made me laugh. I have mentioned that I’m no where near as anal and organized as I used to be.

During the good ole days of list making and making lists of the lists and then cross referencing those lists on a whole schematic I would spend hours if not days perfecting those dear lists. Those of you who are list makers yourselves understand.

And I give you one example of how crazy I was. Here is a screen shot of part of a three page document listing 22 stores and every single piece of information I could find about them. This was for my shopping trip to New York in 2005.



  • They are in alpha-numeric order
  • I’ve got everything listed including hours of operation; address(es); metro directions
  • The metros are color coordinated
  • I’ve got the sales tax listed at the top of each page
  • I’ve annotated what the store is if it wasn’t well known to me

Anal Retentive? Uh, just a little.

Now, here’s an example of my new way of list making: The plans for our Florida trip:

I jest, but it’s not as far from the truth as the old me shutters to realize.

I’m thinking I may need to go back to the old way of doing things if I want to feel in control of my life. Either that or┬ástart relying on God to show me where I’m disorganized and show me how to rearrange some things in my life. Hmmm….