Cape Hatteras Spiral

257-ish steps – 207-ish feet tall (depends on which website you check). The tallest lighthouse in America. The picture just lends itself to black and white. I increased the clarity and decreased the contrast on the whole photo along with lightening the blacks a touch. I then created adjustment brushes for the checkered floor andContinue reading “Cape Hatteras Spiral”

Lamar Valley, Yellowstone

On our trek across America, we left Yellowstone on the NE Entrance Road. This is one of the vistas, the Lamar River in the Lamar Valley. Breathtaking! The original picture was too flat. Increasing the clarity and contrast helped create depth in the photo. Now your eye follows the river to the mountains in theContinue reading “Lamar Valley, Yellowstone”

Knotted wood

Craters of the Moon is an other-worldly place. Even with all the lava, the landscape is not quite barren. This tree tends to tell a different story. I knew when I took the picture that I wanted it to end up black and white. ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~Continue reading “Knotted wood”

The Heart of El Capitan

We went to Yosemite last April. There was still snow on the ground in some places (and on us some days). Do you see the heart in the rock? This valley is amazingly beautiful and majestic. The bare rock faces jut up on either side of green meadows and grasslands. Using black and white lendsContinue reading “The Heart of El Capitan”