That time we brought Barbies to see the President

When my girls were younger they would never travel anywhere without their Barbies. And so here we are, getting ready to see the president, Barbies in the audience. For this picture, I wanted more of a nostalgic look. I decreased the contrast, clarity, and vibrance. I also moved the tint slider more towards magenta. IContinue reading “That time we brought Barbies to see the President”

Air Force One

So, we didn’t exactly *meet* the president. BUT, we *did* see him climb out of Marine One and board Air Force One. Whether you’re on the same side of the political fence or not, seeing the care and safety taken for the president fills you with pride. The original was flat. I increased the contrastContinue reading “Air Force One”


Thank you, Mom, for sending this! I’m still laughing. The email gave no credit to the photographer and master manipulator (although we all know who the master manipulator is in the picture). But, thank you to whomever you may be as well. Is anyone else creeped out by this? And this is exactly what we’dContinue reading “Hill-Billy”