Project(s) Update – Week 4

Here are this week’s Project 365 photos: 23-29 January. I’m still really enjoying trying to capture a picture a day.

The Project 52 theme this week was Soothing Repetition. The rules state that you have to submit a picture taken within the specific week. I really wanted to submit this picture:


Check out the repetition in the rocking chairs and the railing in the background. And what is more soothing than rocking chairs? Unfortunately I took this picture back in October. Not quite playing by the rules so I submitted the next best thing: soothing repetition taken this week:


I guess if you can’t have rocking chairs on a Southern porch a pan of brownies smothered with marshmallow fluff and drizzled with chocolate will have to do.

Week 5’s Theme is “Muse…” What is my muse for photography…