Kansas Sky

I do understand why they’re called fly-over states. There really are things to see, however, in those states between the East and West Coasts. Things are just more. . . spread. . . out. And you could fall asleep in one part and wake up an hour later, look out the window and think youContinue reading “Kansas Sky”

St Louis Arch and meeting a blog friend!

The cool thing about blogging is that you can make friends with people half way across the country or around the globe. When we were in St Louis I made sure to get in touch with NV, author of This D*mn House. NV and I “met” when she commented on my post about me mowingContinue reading “St Louis Arch and meeting a blog friend!”

Flight 93 Memorial

We visited the Flight 93 Memorial recently. It’s not that long of a drive from the DC area. The Memorial is still a work in progress, but it is nothing short of powerful already. The wall follows the flight path, which leads your gaze to the impact site. Each person’s name is engraved on aContinue reading “Flight 93 Memorial”