Gaggle of Wagons

They tend to congregate around little kids. I remember having one as a kid and we had to get one for our little girls. These were gathered together at a pumpkin patch, to carry both kids and pumpkins.

A bunch of red radio flyer wagons are gathered together at a pumpkin patch. Not So SAHM

Gaggle of Wagons – ProjectEdit365 – 15 Oct

The original was just plain. When I took the picture I knew I would want to edit it to look vintage. I increased the clarity and contrast, but then I used gradient filters to lower the contrast. It seems to dim the effect a little. That’s probably not the “technical” way to get the look I was going for, but I’m learning. I used the color sliders to decrease the yellow saturation. I added some grain and a vignette. Here’s the original:


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