George’s Head

Apropos considering the holiday we’re approaching: I love using black and white with rock. It really helps accent the textures. This one was a quick edit (mainly because we’re traveling and I’m tired). I increased the contrast, clarity, and exposure. Then I cropped it to focus more on George and sharpened the whole picture. TheContinue reading “George’s Head”

Breaking dawn

We stopped at the Ingalls¬†Homestead in DeSmet, South Dakota last summer. As in Laura Ingalls Wilder. This was the last place Pa Ingalls homesteaded. We spent the night in a covered wagon and woke up to this scenery. Other than the wind it was a perfect place. In the summer. The original was dull. IContinue reading “Breaking dawn”


We trade urban photography for the exact opposite. The Badlands in South Dakota. Had I seen these as I was exploring westward, I would have turned right back around and gone back to the good life on the East Coast. Thankfully there were¬†fearless souls who ventured beyond. The original was lopsided and dull. First IContinue reading “Badlands”