Hazy Days

The tree swing is an integral part of our summer trips out to Grandpa and Grandma’s. The original was dark and out of focus. This editing challenge is to take any kind of quality of picture and try to make it look better. I couldn’t sharpen it up much without adding a lot of noise,Continue reading “Hazy Days”

The girl in the boots

And I had to post this picture after posting the one yesterday. She loved these boots and wore them for several years. And got compliments every time she put them on. The original was dark and not sharp. I did my best to sharpen it up. And I did a lot of little adjustments, notContinue reading “The girl in the boots”

Red Boots

What’s better in life than a swing and some red cowboy boots? The original was cute enough but I wanted it to have an aged effect. I cropped in to get rid of the distracting leaf and sharpened the whole picture (it’s still not sharp – she was swinging and my shutter speed wasn’t fastContinue reading “Red Boots”