Hazy Days

The tree swing is an integral part of our summer trips out to Grandpa and Grandma’s. The original was dark and out of focus. This editing challenge is to take any kind of quality of picture and try to make it look better. I couldn’t sharpen it up much without adding a lot of noise,Continue reading “Hazy Days”

The girl in the boots

And I had to post this picture after posting the one yesterday. She loved these boots and wore them for several years. And got compliments every time she put them on. The original was dark and not sharp. I did my best to sharpen it up. And I did a lot of little adjustments, notContinue reading “The girl in the boots”

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

A little Throwback Thursday pic. We visited the Outer Banks of NC this summer, including the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. It is the tallest brick lighthouse in the US, and we climbed to the top. A beautiful view, both the lighthouse itself and the 360 from 198.49 feet up. That’s 269 spiral steps. To read moreContinue reading “Cape Hatteras Lighthouse”

Hawaii (to warm our winter bones)

Unless you’re located south of the Equator you’re probably getting sick of the cold. It can’t be just me. Wanting to strangle poor Punxsutawney Phil made me realize that I needed a boost of Vitamin D and some temps above 60. If you’ve been feeling the same way then these pics are for you. WeContinue reading “Hawaii (to warm our winter bones)”

School’s Out For The Summer — Musical Stylins re: School

Our third year of homeschooling has come and gone. I, like my student, am glad to see summer. Don’t get me wrong, homeschooling is very rewarding. You play the essential part in putting knowledge into your children’s brains. You see the ah hah! moments when the lightbulb suddenly switches on. You get to know yourContinue reading “School’s Out For The Summer — Musical Stylins re: School”