Little Toes

There’s something so sweet about little toes. I initially was going black and white with this one, but I took some of the suggestions from Streets of Nuremberg and decided to leave this one in color. It’s a toss up for me! Nothing is in focus so I sharpened a lot and reduced the noise a littleContinue reading “Little Toes”

Sisters – Toes – 5 Years

 May 2003  (15 months) – Reagan’s first toenail polish.  May 2008 (16 months) – Ashlyn’s first toenail polish. Am I good or what! Look, even one hand of each girl is resting one step above. You can tell that Reagan was a more compliant toddler. She sat on the stairs and posed, just like Mommy asked. AshlynContinue reading “Sisters – Toes – 5 Years”