Washing away

After her first Nutcracker recital, she came home and washed the night’s makeup off her face. An 8-year old standing in the bathroom, but I’m sure if I had looked in the mirror I would have seen a teenager. Washing away the years.

A young girl looks in the bathroom mirror as she washes her face. Not so SAHM

Washing away – ProjectEdit365 – 21 Nov

The original had a lot going on around the edges. I cropped to get rid of that and turned it black and white to keep the focus on Ash. I increased the contrast but decreased the clarity. I used a graduated filter to lower the exposure just slightly on the mirror part of the picture. I used an adjustment brush on her hair to increase the clarity on it. I sharpened the whole picture and, as almost always, added a vignette. Here’s the original:


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