Political Matchmaking

So you think you know who you want to vote for? Or are you clueless as to who’s still in the running? Thanks to the heads up from Heather I found out that Mike Huckabee (my favorite right now) is not the closest political match for me.

Go to Glassbooth and take their quiz to find out who your political match is. You’ll rate several hot political topics as to how important they are to you. Then you’ll answer questions about those topics. After submitting you’ll find out which candidates match your beliefs most closely. The site offers information on each candidate and why they match you. i.e. their position on the topic and their voting record for that topic. One tip: give at least one point to each hot political topic. If you don’t give a topic at least one point you won’t be asked about it during the quiz portion.

Here’s how the candidates racked and stacked for me:

Duncan Hunter: 87%

Mike Huckabee: 76%

Mitt Romney: 75%

Fred Thompson: 74%

Rudy Giuliani: 65%

And for the also rans (is anyone that knows me surprised?):

Barack Obama: 39%

John Edwards: 38%

Hillary Clinton: 38%

Obviously a small quiz can’t cover every topic completely with all it’s complexities. But this should give you some informative insight as to who’s your best political match. And the information you can get from the links to Wikipedia is pretty cool.

Have fun, but don’t get burned out. We’ve got 10 months of this to go. Is that a good thing?

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