Vote Early, Vote Often

Oh, woops. That’s ACORN’s slogan. Ours is We’re Making Politics Fun Again! And boy did we whoop it up again last night! Only this time we didn’t host the shindig. That means no clean up! I am happy to report that your humble correspondent again WON the political bingo. What…were the other contestants asleep? WasContinue reading “Vote Early, Vote Often”

Day 2 – New Experiences, Old Friends

First and foremost, thanks to my lovely husband for guest posting in the comment section of the last post. He’s an outstanding guy and always ready to set the record straight, lol.  I forgot to let you know what kind of classy establishment we’re staying in. (Click on any of the pics to see them full size) They have theContinue reading “Day 2 – New Experiences, Old Friends”