Bronchiolitis, ear infections, nebulizers, OH MY!!!

Being the kind of mom that I am, I don’t take my kids to the doctor unless there’s a really good reason. Partly because that’s what my mom used to do and I think it’s the right thing to do. Partly because we see the military pediatrician. I’d rather get teeth pulled than to have to go through the steps required to make an appointment to see the ped. (For those of you in favor of universal health care talk to anyone in the armed services about the military system and you’ll end up thinking differently. We have socialized medicine now and it isn’t all the glory that it’s touted to be.)

Well, Ashlyn’s had a cough and runny nose, on and off, since Christmas. We hear a little rattling every now and then in her chest. Sometimes she coughs so much and so hard that she gags. I guess it was time to take her, no matter how painful it would be to schedule the appointment. (In defense of myself, her appetite, sleep and attitude haven’t been affected, so it’s not like she’s laying around gagging, gasping for air).

It turns out that poor baby has bronchiolitis, a double ear infection, and possibly a sinus infection. OMG!!! When did this happen? She hasn’t been pulling on her ears at all so that diagnosis came out of left field. The bronchiolitis was explained this way: the cold that was in her nose when down to her chest and is constricting her airways. The cold that is still in her nose could either be viral or bacterial and thus a sinus infection.

We left the ped. clinic with four different medicines and a nebulizer. Now, for someone who doesn’t even like to administer ibuprofin or acetomenafin unless there’s serious pain, this is going to be difficult for me. I have to give her meds so many different times throughout the day, with so many varying lengths between doses. And the nebulizer, I’m dreading attempting that. I have a hard time remembering when she got up from a nap to know when she should be getting ready to go down for another one. This will take a serious spreadsheet schematic type thing so I don’t end up under or overdosing her.

One good thing I’m finding in all this mess: at least we’re taking care of this before our Disney trip! She should be good to go for that nice Florida weather, which will be a nice change from the Siberian temps we’ve been weathering here.

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4 thoughts on “Bronchiolitis, ear infections, nebulizers, OH MY!!!

  1. Hope she feels all better soon…and just know that if we lived a lot closer, all 4 Diesings would have the services of a darn fine family doctor at your disposal. He’s pretty swell if I do say so myself!

  2. That stinks. Ear infections can be horrible for little ones. As for the wheezing, the neb will clear that right up. It is not as bad as it looks but unfortunately some kids hate the mask. Hopefully she gets over it soon.

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