Bronchiolitis, ear infections, nebulizers, OH MY!!!

Being the kind of mom that I am, I don’t take my kids to the doctor unless there’s a really good reason. Partly because that’s what my mom used to do and I think it’s the right thing to do. Partly because we see the military pediatrician. I’d rather get teeth pulled than to haveContinue reading “Bronchiolitis, ear infections, nebulizers, OH MY!!!”

Whose idea was it?

I had an eye appointment today. With big eye machines that need you to sit very still. With expensive equipment. With shelves of products that say Prada, Fendi, and (keep naming the big names)… Whose idea was it to bring a one-year old? Oh yeah, mine. And for several reasons. We’re down to one carContinue reading “Whose idea was it?”