A Sampling of recent life

  • Our first night truly without any tv was a success. We got rid of cable tv and they finally shut it off for us (we had free cable tv for a couple months because they wouldn’t believe me when I told them we were still getting it). We listened to a cd and played “freeze dance” as a family. It’s one of those family moments that will live as a memory forever.
  • Turbo Tax is awesome.
  • The horses in the pasture that backs up to our backyard insist on staying out in the freezing, windy weather… when there is an open barn door only feet away.
  • Ashlyn travels around the kitchen by using a stool as a walker.
  • Everyday Reagan impresses me with how much she’s looking and acting like a young lady.
  • It’s staying lighter longer! I may be the only one who appreciates it, but come on DST!!
  • 5 months and counting…
  • Nabisco has made it easier to get into a bag of Oreos. Instead of ripping the whole bag to shreds when trying to open it; now they have provided a convenient lift tab that pulls open and then sticks back into place. This, however, is only necessary when Reagan and I don’t finish off a whole package in a day.
  • I got a new id yesterday. New picture…a little older…so no wiser…
  • Coffee mixed with coke is gross. Coffee is gross by itself, but mixing coke with it to cool it down and add sweetness does not work.
  • Du and I got some culture last night. As the last hurrah for my birthday we went to see Irish performers at the college last night. Not on the scale of Riverdance, but fun just the same. We did have to look past the sometimes Canadian, sometimes Irish accent of the lead band member who did most of the talking. And we had to get over the complete love the main dancer had for himself. The nose playing of double tin whistles I think I will remember for a long time.
  • My Pampered Chef party was a success, and now my kitchen inventory of P.C. products will increase greatly without a great outflow of cash.

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I'm a photographer and homeschooler Dream = travel blogger. We move around every couple of years. That's fine, I love seeing different parts of our great country and the world. Great things: Jesus, traveling, photography, eating, sewing, scrapbooking, reading, shopping...not necessarily in that order.

4 thoughts on “A Sampling of recent life

  1. I’m totally appreciating the longer days, too! Although, we don’t observe DST out here… so that means the sun will start rising around 5am soon. That, I’m not looking forward to quite so much. The sun being up past 5:00 in the evening… definitely! 🙂

    And I agree… TurboTax is awesome. 🙂

  2. Oh the horror–while we’ve been doing less and less TV these days, Scotty could not live without Fox News or the History channel. I must say I’d miss Food Network, too. But still. We’ve been having family fun nights in place of the boob tube. Board games, “Roll-overs” with Daddy (where they climb on his back, he “bucks” them off, wild cackling ensues, and the whole process starts all over again), play-dough, coloring books, and Libbey impressing us with her reading skills. Makes for fabulous family fun…so we’re there with the Diesings. Just with DirecTV still. 🙂

    And please…I seriously doubt you eat that many Oreos, even if you’re sharing with Reagan. But if you’re gonna insist that you devour them by the bagful, then I’m gonna insist that you tell us how you manage to stay model-thin and gorgeous? So share all your diet secrets, please…

  3. Wow…you know, you can actually get those things mail-order now. People will do anything to lose weight, I reckon. Currently I’m cutting back on the late-night snacking, processed foods, and high quantities of pretty much everything except fruits & veggies. It’s an amazing concept–I’ve lost weight already. Well, who knew??? 🙂

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