Adventures in WiFi Searching

I’m free. For a couple hours. Du is the best father in the world because he has the girls on a Daddy/Daughter date. He likes doing those. Weekly. And now that we’re settled in after the move he can start doing those again. I have designated Tuesday nights as scrapbooking night. Each Tuesday night I’mContinue reading “Adventures in WiFi Searching”

Let’s Catch Up

Hi, I’m Vicki. You’ll recognize me once I start telling you about my life again. It seems I haven’t been posting a lot of current stuff that’s been going on around here. Today we’re going to do it Twitter style because, for now, I’ve stopped Twittering. And I’m not limiting myself to 140 characters. *AshlynContinue reading “Let’s Catch Up”

Notes on a Move, all in V-minor

I miss my random blog posts. Twitter has stolen them. I think I might stop Twittering. I tried to remember various things from the move. Here goes. Random style. Ashlyn pulled out my monthly stuff, you know, pads, and took them to someone. I can’t even remember who now. Embarrassing all the same. I loveContinue reading “Notes on a Move, all in V-minor”

You know what?…

VTC by Skype is pretty awesome Having to deal with socialized medicine truly makes me wish I were a paying customer Ear infections are a pain in the (r)ear Planning out next year’s subjects for school is actually exciting I actually did the two-week free subscription to Netflix and canceled before being charged I’m nowContinue reading “You know what?…”

Things I’ve noticed recently…

 THINGS I’VE NOTICED… My man hands (not my man’s hands) look like 80 year old grandma hands…or should I say grandpa hands. Except for the fact that there are no liver spots you couldn’t tell the difference. Crafting will do that to ya. I’ve quit applying lotion liberally and often. Thus the reason for geriatric extremities.Continue reading “Things I’ve noticed recently…”

Weekend Review

FRIDAY My chick flick movie night turned into a girls’ night. AND I was able to find Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Score. Thanks to all of the movie suggestions. Those will be bait for another weekend. I remembered that in this small town there is another choice besides Blockbuster, two actually. We haveContinue reading “Weekend Review”