Project Runway: All Stars

Alright, Project runway, I’m giving you a chance to redeem yourself.

The  asinine decision of choosing Gretchen just for ratings did me in. I boycotted this past season and didn’t even know about the All Stars show. A friend clued me in and I’m willing to give PR another shot. Although I’m already second guessing their motives on one or two of the designers they chose to bring back. Elisa? Really? The show’s not even over and I’m guessing she’s going home first. Unless PR decides to pull another pr stunt and keep her on for the crazy she provides. This isn’t Real Housewives of Project Runway though. Cut the crap and show me good designers.


Are The Judges On Drugs? The Worst Episode Yet

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Project Runway: Season 5, Episode 3.
They named it Bright Lights/Big City.
I’m renaming it Retro Rehash Complete With Smoke.

What was up with the Project Runway judges tonight (and what about Sandra Bernhard as a guest judge)? And what was up with all that watercolor fabric? I mean really, whatup? One of Michael Kors’ comments hit the nail on the head: “I mean, a girl who doesn’t remember the style of the 80s would so be into that dress.” (Or something like that). At first they were starting to make fun of the bubble 80’s dress that Kenley created,

then all the sudden the drugs kicked in and they started raving about it. I wanted to puke. It actually looks metalic and shiny here.Then the second watercolor came out (Terri’s dress).

I thought this was worse during the show, but after seeing this pic the bubble number up there is much worse. Michael’s comment to Kenley was backhanded if nothing else. It really betrayed what should have been his true feelings: That’s so 80s. It’s been done and it looked horrible back then too. Oh wait, did Nina just say it looked like 80s designers? Hmm, I better come up with a compliment, and quick!…

During the show I was all for Leanne’s outfit.

An architectural skirt that was very well tailored. Cute petals that were sewn with two different blacks. Paired with a simple black top. That skirt was rockin’. She really captured the look of the planter she had taken a picture of. Not to mention Heidi said it looked like it came from a store (not just sewn in a day) and she’d wear it in a heartbeat. Then on the runway we got the first look at Jerell’s dress.

FABULOUS!!! Where were his highlights throughout the show? And why wasn’t he in the top three when the two throwbacks to one of the worst fashion decades in history were? Another drug moment. Has to be. That dress is the best thing that’s been produced so far this season.

So with two throwbacks and a great architectural outfit to choose from how in the world did Leanne’s not win? I’ll tell you why. Although the judges are all the time saying, “if you’re unsure, go for less” (they told this to Emily) they never vote for that as a winner. They like the crazy, takin’ a chance dresses. That and they had to be on drugs.

The last two designers on the runway were Emily and Jennifer. They shot Jennifer’s dress to heck during the judging and voting.

They said she was boring and Heidi didn’t care to see anything else she designed. How in the world did she not get ‘auf’ed? Sure, Emily’s dress had ruffles that fluttered across her boobs,

but the judges didn’t trash that nearly as much as Jennifer’s “matronly” and “boring” (might I add maternity-looking) dress.

I don’t get it. Then again, I don’t do drugs. I wanted to post pictures, but Bravo is apparently embarrassed of the outcome of the show and how the designers stepped all over themselves to be wrong; they have yet to get those episode 3 pics up!

Please The Client, But Please The Judges More

What a great idea for this week’s Project Runway challenge! Each designer’s model got to go out and choose the fabric for the dress. The designers had to combine their own design aesthetic with the model’s desires for a cocktail dress. Fabulous idea. Not so fabulous dresses. Most of them were unfortunately forgettable. All but one model said she liked her dress. Traitor model, don’t you know you bite the hand that feeds you?

My favorite this week was Kelli again, but she didn’t make the top three. Of the top three, I did like Kenley’s and Suede’s designs. I’d wear both. Suede’s could have been longer to suit my taste though. It’s a good thing guest judge, Natalie Portman (love her) loved him a lot.

As for the three worst, all I have to say is what was up with the wings, Korto? You put the darts on the inside of the dress, especially if you’re going to have twenty of them flapping all over the dress. I was up in the air as to whether she or Wesley should leave. Neither dress was flattering. Poor Leanne had a good idea but went berserk with it. If she would have left the little flappy things to the top right side of the dress and left the rest of the dress plain…that would have worked.

I’m not surprised the judges chose Suede’s design over Kenley’s. Have you seen previous episodes’ dress choices? The wild always wins over the tame. Even when the tame is more wearable. That being said, with the proper attitude while wearing the dress, Suede’s is definitely doable.

You’re Either In Or You’re Out

All I have to say is Reagan and I picked both the winner and loser of Project Runway, Episode One. That’s not really all I have to say, but it’s a good opening isn’t it. For this challenge the designers had to use products they found at a grocery store. And they only had 30 minutes to gather the materials. Seriously, I’d have designers block at that very second and be reduced to a bawling mess in the produce aisle. Of course, I’d probably be in the meat section, wanting to be all avant-garde…not realizing the starving model who was lucky enough to be assigned to me would realize she hasn’t eaten in two weeks and devour my dress, raw as it would be, before she hit the runway.

As Tim Gunn was explaining the challenge I said, “I’d make a teabag dress”, because I’ve actually done that before (and if the desktop were hooked up I’d transfer the picture to show you. I was even pregnant with Reagan at the time). Reagan, all six years of her, said, “that would be so ugly.” My fashionista-in-training, who likes to mix and match four different tones of pink, is telling me what wouldn’t look good. I can’t believe no one chose to do that. Probably because it’s been done to death. And they all know that. And I don’t. And that’s (one of the reasons) why I’m not on the show (yet). It would still look good though.

What’s amazing and actually disappointing is that so many of the designers chose to use tablecloths. Already fabric, yes. Innovative, no. It’s strands of cotton covered in plastic, all made in China of course, but it’s still a type of fabric. If Heidi is sending you into a grocery store to make an outfit, you better not come out with tablecloths. I consider that cheating. SPOILER ALERT: DO NOT READ PAST HERE IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHO WON/LOST.



So, our favorite designer was Kelly who chose to use vacuum bags and bleach/dye them. She even used the spiral-y thing from a notebook to make hook and eye closures. How innovative is that!?!? I want to be her now. For her bodice she used coffee filters that she tinged with a lighter. They looked like flat paper plates…like headlights coming at you. But innovative all the same. Overall, I’d wear her dress (if I were in the desert with absolutely zero wind and zero percent humidity and zero chance of rain). It rocked.

Meet Kelly.

Meet Kelly’s Dress

Poor Jerry. He was going for a shower curtain raincoat look. Tim came in and chastised every single one of the tablecloth users, which included him. Plastic shower curtain is kind of a fabric too. So Jerry, being a genius, decided to stick with his original design. He did vamp it up a bit, but it made the model look like she just came from the psych ward and was getting ready to go on a serial killing spree. I’m not kidding. She had the gloves, the boots, and of course the raincoat. All she was missing was the chainsaw.

Meet Jerry.

Auf Wiedersehen Jerry.

I think I’m going to enjoy this season. As Tim said, it’s probably the most diverse group of designers they’ve had yet. Rockers; shy girls; pinup-style girls; gay guys; straight guys. They’re all there. And may Reagan and I continue in our as of yet unbroken streak of selecting “who will stay and who will be out”.

News Flash: Project Runway begins TONIGHT!

9pm, 8 Central people. No excuses. From the looks of their bio pics Season 5 will not be a season of love like 4. Looks can be deceiving though, we all know that. Here’s to hoping they can all get along and just sew some fierce clothing. That’s the only reason I’m watching. Leave the drama at home, this ain’t Big Brother.

Season 5 Cast with the fabulous regulars

You may be wondering, “Vicki, if you don’t have cable how are you going to watch?” Thank you, my dear readers, for being so concerned. And I know you’d tape it for me in a heartbeat. However, God, in His infinite wisdom has pulled through yet again. When we moved here I asked for the “high speed” cable internet but no tv. I’ve written before that they charge a $10 “no tv” fee. I was all ready to accept that travesty of life when the customer service rep on the phone informed me that there’s a special: 12 months of basic cable for $10. Hello, I may be a little crazy but I’m not stupid. I’m frugal so I’d rather pay for something than pay for nothing. And 12 months is absolutely perfect timing.

Well, I turned on the tv the other day to watch myself look crazy waiting in line and low and behold!: I’ve got more than the basic channels, unless basic’s been pimped up down here, because I have Fox News too (that’s the only thing I checked for. I know, dork). So, until Charter realizes the error of their ways, or until I call and let them in on the secret I’ll be watching Season 5 of Project Runway from the comfort of my bedroom. OOOhhh, I’ve got the sewing room set up. I could just sew right along with them while I watch. That might demoralize me too much though…

So join me–virtually, please–and let’s have a little PR party. Maybe I’ll Twit through the whole thing.

Project Runway Finale = FIERCE!

Can I just say that this season of Project Runway was as close to perfect as it could get? I absolutely loved all three finalists (actually I liked all of the last five or six designers) and would have been happy with any of them winning.

Jillian – I think I liked her whole collection the best. Most of her pieces were wearable (read: something I’d wear, and would get away with wearing). The judges mentioned her detailing, and that was incredible. The knit pieces were incredible as well. That sweater with the ruffle down the front is fab.

Jillian SweaterSend this to me now.

I also liked what she was wearing for the show:

Jillian OutfitI’ll take this as well.

Rami – My personal favorite throughout the season. Although favorite is a strong word since there weren’t many that I didn’t care for. His collection, as the judges put it, was complete. There was something “from soup to nuts” as Michael Kors put it. His draping is phenomenal, and even though the judges criticized him periodically for not branching out, I applaud him for sticking to who he is. His finale collection was by far the most diverse things he’d done all season. His weaving technique of the fabric was really innovative. I loved it and would wear any of his dresses.

Rami DressAmazing…

Christian – Although not as much my style, that dude can sew some clothes. He was consistently good throughout the season and won a couple of design challenges. I had picked him to win a couple weeks back just because he’s had really good designs almost every week. His attitude is a little lot cocky, but it’s not meaningfully derogatory; it’s mostly in jest. All in all his collection had the most “fashion” in it. By that I mean, you could see the fashion forward aspect in his clothes that most people in the fashion industry like to see.

Christian DressA little over the top for my taste, but wow!


The absolute best part about Season Four was there was no cattiness. It was a big love fest most of the time. And even when designers got frustrated or sick of each other they didn’t get into fighting matches or knock down drag outs. I loved that. This is a design show. All I want to see are people designing good clothes. I don’t want to see attitude clashes just because cameras are focused on them. That’s what was great about this season. If a designer asked another one for advice most of the time they would get honest, good advice. They were out to do their best, but they weren’t out to sink everyone else.

The finale show was able to showcase that congeniality. The designers were hugging each other (and Tim Gunn was even getting in on the action) every chance they could get. And I think they were genuinely happy for each other.

group huggettin’ their hugs on

The only way the finale could have been better (and this would have best capped off the best season so far) would have been if all three final designers could have won. They’ll all go far because they all have amazing talent so it was a shame to see just won named “winner.”

Oh, and thank you powers that be for not forcing them to create one more look after getting back to the Parson studios just days before the runway. That’s cruel and something they’d already been doing all season. So Thank You!

 Now, when can I get the whole season on DVD? Do they do that? Aahhh, I’m pleased.


Amy, my good friend who generously let me mooch off her tv (we don’t have cable or local channels) while she put kids to bed and cleaned her house. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This will be a jewel in your crown, lol.