How To Imprison Your Child

Ashlyn under stool

How in the world!

Ashlyn has begun not to climb onto things, but to crawl underneath things. And she tends to get stuck in those places she tries to crawl under. Do you see the baker’s rack in the background of the photo? Notice that there’s only a 4 or 5 inch clearance from the floor to the lowest rack. She tried to shimmy underneath there. Twice. She got stuck. Twice. She screamed. Twice. Just like in this picture. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the baker’s rack crawl. I really was a little more worried for her head…and shoulders…and torso. I thought I would have to unload everything off of that darn thing to lift it off of her, all the while with her screaming like she’s getting a finger sawed off. But somehow her body relaxed and I was able to free her. Twice.

Now, with today’s photo. Reagan and I were doing school in the kitchen. Minding our own business, we were eating a snackdeep in discussion, when we heard the familiar shrieks. Looking down we saw this. Ashlyn had shimmied underneath the stool and stood up inside it. AND she had gotten her rather large head (which we’re quite certain from these stunts isn’t all brain) stuck between two of the legs. I got her head free and then couldn’t resist. I had to get photographic evidence.

After taking the picture I tried to get her to bend her legs to sit down so I could remove the stool without her falling over. She was having none of that though. Her legs were as stiff as boards and she was not letting go of the legs of the stool. Somehow I prevailed and our daughter is now free to explore once more. Maybe I should have left her in there.

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10 thoughts on “How To Imprison Your Child

  1. I’m sitting at my desk trying to keep from exploding with inappropriate laughter at that picture. Now I don’t feel so bad for the time I videotaped Alex banging his head.

  2. AaaaaaHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! I’m truly laughing out loud, at your descriptive writing and NOT at that sweet little thing. Have you thought of sewing a dust mop onto a couple of her jammies? Are you sure she isn’t two already? I’m glad she’s not exploring high places, the screams might indicate more than frustration. Ashlyn, the low-level adventuress, what an image to go to bed with; I love it!

  3. HAHAHAH oh the poor baby lol *ahem* *more giggles*

    My son used to wedge himself into things, cry like he was on fire, then when we would get him out, he would head right back in again!

    Thank goodness we don’t have banisters, eh?

    You think anyone would ask questions if you asked for a hacksaw for your birthday? lol

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