More on Beth Moore’s New Study

All the video sessions with Beth Moore have been good. How could they not be–she’s got such an enthusiasm that you’re bound to catch a little of it.

There are those lessons though that just resonate.

  • Sometimes they’re on a spiritual level where you feel like you just got a shot of God caffeine.
  • Sometimes they’re on a practical level where you feel convicted to live a certain part of your life differently.
  • Sometimes they’re on an intellectual level where you learn something new and profound about God, the Bible, Christ, what have you; and you’re just amazed at how…perfect God is.

 Tonight’s Video Lesson got to me on an intellectual level and was right up my alley. We’re going through the Psalms of Ascent and learning what they meant to the Israelites back in the day–and how we can apply meaning to our daily lives. There were three yearly feasts that the Israelites had to travel back to Jerusalem for. They would sing these psalms as they were traveling back. There’s joy, sorrow, hope, love, fear, condemnation, everything. They were honest with God and expected Him to be right there with them through it all.

And He was. And they celebrated. Tonight we learned about the third feast, the Feast of Tabernacles. There was so much detail put into each aspect of the Feast, and it was all dictated by God. It all had so much meaning. God coursed through the Feast and it ended with them proclaiming, shouting, begging, celebrating for the Messiah to come. All the symbology struck a deep chord with the Israelites. And they did this every year.

Fast forward to New Testament times. Each time the Israelites heard certain words and certain phrases, they knew exactly the reference that was being made, whether it was during feast time or not. They would be reminded of certain traditions of the Feast and would act out other traditions if appropriate. I’m not going to steal Beth’s thunder by going into all of it. But God’s timing and humor and wit and awesomeness is on exhibit all through the Bible. Yet, we’re so far removed from those original cultural meanings we don’t usually get it. Beth brings some of that out in this session.

And you end up wanting to rejoice right there with the Israelites. Hosanna!

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One thought on “More on Beth Moore’s New Study

  1. I love her and want to be her friend…and I’ll probably have to wait ’til Heaven for that to happen, but no worries…I can wait. More importantly, I love the whole idea of God ordaining times of celebration. I love Him.

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