Polygamists in Texas

I just had to comment on the weirdness of this. A story is always more poignant when you know someone in it, or you’ve been to where it’s happening.

400+ Kids Taken From Polygamist Compound

An AP News Story published on 07 April 2008

This story hits me on two different levels.


God did not call us to seclude ourselves. We are to be a lamp on a hill drawing others to ourselves. We are specifically commanded to go and make disciples of all nations…This cannot be done either in a monastery or a compound. This is not what Christianity is about.


I’ve lived in San Angelo and even attended ASU for a semester. I’ve been to Fort Concho where the girls (actually over 400 children and around 150 mothers) are being “housed” right now. I can’t imagine having to call Fort Concho a home (but Lord, it’s a beginning). This cult (It is a cult. They hold people captive: women and girls and boys; refusing to give them a glimpse of the outside world. Refusing to give them a chance to exercise their free will that God gave all of us and wants us to use. That is a cult) wasn’t in the San Angelo area when I lived there. There is so much open land out there though. Who knows what all is going on out there.

It is very hard for me right now to pray for grace for these perverts and not call for God’s immediate vengeance. Vengeance is His, but we aren’t to pray for it for our enemies. I do have a hard time with that. Join me in praying for the peace, comfort and mental well-being of all the victims here and for the grace of God to fall on the instigators; enough for them to feel shameful and truly repent.

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One thought on “Polygamists in Texas

  1. Yeah, it was in the AJC today too. I can’t imagine being the texas county department of family and children services person who has to find homes and provide services for those women and children. The comment in the ATL paper that I found was interesting was that one woman who made it out of the compound said that the women who are in Ft. Concho don’t really know the difference because they were born into the lifestyle. They don’t know they have free will. It is like M. Night Shalymin’s the Village. The women don’t know. Neither do the children. The young girls who were forced into marriage underage have no will. . . I cannot even fathom the shock and trauma they are going through right now. That is who I am praying for.

    I bet they will be excited about a new wardrobe though. 😉

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