You Never Let Go

[For maximum effect click You Never Let Go and then continue to read]  Thursday started out with promise and anticipation. I was excited that we were going to get school done in the morning and head to Kansas City to visit family and see the Bodies Revealed Exhibit. I was excited about there only being twoContinue reading “You Never Let Go”

Train Up A Child… (Should we teach our children to fake drink?)

I read the blog, Teens Today With Vanessa VanPetten. The topics she writes on are pretty interesting and as a parent you can’t stay too informed. Today her post was Teaching Your Teen How To Drink. Obviously that title is meant to draw your attention. And maybe shock you for a second or two. SheContinue reading “Train Up A Child… (Should we teach our children to fake drink?)”

Polygamists in Texas

I just had to comment on the weirdness of this. A story is always more poignant when you know someone in it, or you’ve been to where it’s happening. “400+ Kids Taken From Polygamist Compound“ An AP News Story published on 07 April 2008 This story hits me on two different levels. One: God didContinue reading “Polygamists in Texas”

More on Beth Moore’s New Study

All the video sessions with Beth Moore have been good. How could they not be–she’s got such an enthusiasm that you’re bound to catch a little of it. There are those lessons though that just resonate. Sometimes they’re on a spiritual level where you feel like you just got a shot of God caffeine. SometimesContinue reading “More on Beth Moore’s New Study”

Losing my religion

I read a short article today that notes that people are changing their faith almost as quickly as they’re changing their underwear (my words, not the article’s). My guess is like everything else in our lives we’re also expecting quick fixes with our religions. We expect our food to be fast; dramas in people’s lives crescendoContinue reading “Losing my religion”