What about these clothes looks good?

Am I losing it? What about these clothes looks good?

I’m providing the captions that went with them so you can cringe along with me.

“When life starts feeling like a bunch of short stories intertwined, make sure you dress the part — you never know whom you’ll run into. Look your best in fashions from ****** “. I’m leaving the shop name out to protect their reputation. Perhaps their other clothes are…oh, what’s the word…cute.


People, these shorts are nothing more than an external girdle. The vertical lines running down the front of them prove it. What’s worse is they’re longer above the crotch than below. They’re your grandma’s daisy dukes.


“High school reunions, hometown meet-ups; no matter the situation, you’ll leave a lasting impression in garb from *******. Your new hairstyle doesn’t hurt — nor does the 25% site-wide deal.”

I’d sayyou’ll leave an everlasting impression…but is it the kind you really want to leave? This evokes mental pictures of psych wards. Wha!?!?!? High school reunions?!?! Hometown meet-ups?!?! This lady is wearing some post-birth hospital top. And you want us to wear that to a high school reunion? When we’re trying to impress people we haven’t seen in a bazillion years and we actually don’t want to look frumpy? What?!?! I can’t get over this.


People, please tell me you don’t go out and buy everything that is considered to be the next big thing do you?

Remember the white jumpsuit, stone-washed jeans and paper bag dress I blogged about? Put these right along with those as PLEASE DON’T! WHATEVER YOU FEEL ABOUT FASHION AND WHAT MAY BE IN STYLE…PLEASE DON’T!

These images come from the latest edition of Daily Candy. I get Daily Candyeveryday in my inbox and it’s fun to see what they’re touting everyday as the “it” clothes, book, food, jewelry, travel destination, what have you. I even found this cool Pirolette from Turn Your Head from Daily Candy (you’ll even see Reagan’s profile on the site if you look around). They missed the mark this time, y’all and I could not resist bringing to you a little clothing humor to lighten your day.







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4 thoughts on “What about these clothes looks good?

  1. Yeah, that top’s appropriate for your high school reunion only if someone is going to be walking through yelling, “Paging Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard” — and you intend to answer it! 🙂

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