She looks like me

This is so me as a kid, with a slightly different nose. There’s no denying whose child she is.  I didn’t have near the style though. The original had so much going on. Head over ProjectEdit365 to see what I did to put the focus on my daughter instead of the surroundings. Thanks! ~~~  Continue reading “She looks like me”

What about these clothes looks good?

Am I losing it? What about these clothes looks good? I’m providing the captions that went with them so you can cringe along with me. ” “When life starts feeling like a bunch of short stories intertwined, make sure you dress the part — you never know whom you’ll run into. Look your best inContinue reading “What about these clothes looks good?”

Lucky’s Not So Lucky

Does anyone else wonder what’s going through the minds of the Lucky Magazine editors when they’re putting together their magazine? Are Mary Kate and Ashley managing this publication? I buy one every once in a while hoping they’ve smartened up, but I get burned every time. What’s the saying? Fool me once, shame on you;Continue reading “Lucky’s Not So Lucky”