Lifting Up Serenity

I learned about Serenity about two weeks ago. There was a simple message in my inbox from a blog I subscribe to. It mentioned that a fellow blogger just learned that his daughter has leukemia. I went over to the blog and my heart has had a burden for this family ever since. Immediately I realized how I take my children and my family for granted. As much as I like to pick on Ashlyn on this blog, if she were to have a life threatening disease, or God forbid, worse, I don’t know what I would do.


How often do we choose work or tv or anything over our children? How often do we go to bed at night without having had a meaningful conversation with our spouse? How often do we not find the full enjoyment of being with our family? It could all change tomorrow.


Phil and Adria’s posts are heart wrenching and heart warming at the same time. I’m asking you to please go over and read Phil’s latest. If you’re so inclined go back to the beginning and get yourself caught up. Then pray for Serenity and her family whenever you think about her. I have been and it’s been making me take stock of what I really find important. 

Lifting Up Serenity –Serenity’s website and blog permalinked to Phil’s post I mention above. Click on the links you’ll see on the left to navigate the site. There’s a widget just below those links to donate to help Serenity if you so choose.


Now, go kiss your kids and thank God for every day you’ve had with them.

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