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Moving is stressful. Enough of you out there have done it a time or two so you can concur with me, right? Well let me tell you about my latest experience. I’ve never been so pleased with movers yet so ready to castrate them at the same time. Never before has a moving team worked so fast and so carefully than this team. They moved us out of our previous house and even moved us into this new one. Usually we get a new set of movers on the receiving end. They always showed up early and got the job done quickly and carefully. So far I can only tell of two things that were damaged. Minor damage at that. They wouldn’t even accept lunch from us. They wouldn’t even accept our offers for water. I remember moving in Germany and one of the guys actually had the nerve to ask for one of the beers in our fridge.

Sounds dreamy so far. Cue creepy music and mood lighting. The two “main” moving guys (the guys who drove the trucks who obviously were in charge) were unsocial and downright rude. “Buddy” (that’s what he really called himself) liked to pretend that he was deaf. I would be immediately behind him and ask a question and he wouldn’t answer. Wouldn’t turn around and look at me. Wouldn’t even flip me the finger. Just. ignored. me. “Brother-in-law” must have had some type of Tourette Syndrom, which led him to mutter passive aggressive comments the whole time he was taking our belongings out of the first house and placing them into the second. Here are some comments:

“I don’t know why they didn’t measure before they moved. Usually people measure the furniture and houses before moving. And I know this isn’t their first time moving.”

Yes he did. And I was right there to hear it. And no, we didn’t get to measure our new house. We never set foot in the thing until we moved down here.

Brother-in-law: “I don’t know why people buy MDF furniture.”

My Sister-in-law: “Well, for a lot of people it’s the best they can do. Most people can’t afford $500 sets of bookcases.”

BIL: “Well it would be worth the money.”

Yes he did. We have tons of books. We’re not wanting, much less able, to go out and spend thousands of dollars on bookshelves right now. The MDF ones will have to do. And what’s it to him anyway? Just move the stupid stuff.

I have to set this next quote up with some background. Reagan was sitting on the couch in the living room minding her business. She wasn’t running around getting in the way (neither was Ashlyn miraculously) and she wasn’t being annoying. She was minding her own business. One of the guys helping unload the truck, “Big Red”, was trying to take a huge rubber band off of one of the pieces of the entertainment center. It broke and snapped Reagan on the elbow. Of course it hurt. It stung. Big Red apologizes profusely and after seeing that there isn’t any permanent damage I tell him not to worry about it. I guess he feels like he has to cover himself so he goes out and tells Brother-In-Law what happened. I caught this:

“Well I don’t even know why they have kids on the moving site anyway.”

Yes he did. Excuse me but we just moved into this neighborhood. We don’t trust anyone with our kids. Does he think I’m just going to farm them out to the nearest neighbor I can find? We did the next best thing by having my brother and his wife here to manage the kids and help place furniture.

Brother-in-law said all of this after going into the master bathroom, shutting the blinds, locking the pocket door and rifling through the bathroom cabinets. Oh, yes he did. I even asked him if he was ok in there. His comment to me?:

“I’m going to the bathroom, I don’t need no help.”

Yeah, well there ain’t no drugs in there so stop going through my cabinets. They’re so loud when they shut. Did he really think he was being stealthy? I purposely opened the blinds that morning so no one would feel like they could get away with anything in there. And the toilet is actually in another little room with a door on it. No need to shut blinds or lock pocket doors. Creep.

Here was the last straw for me. Movers will not offer to unpack your boxes. If you ask them to then they are required. I don’t want to have all the cardboard and paper laying around my house for weeks so I asked them to unpack the play room, the bed rooms, the kitchen and the living room. Buddy said, “I ain’t never unpacked before.” BIL said, “He’s been working here for three years and this is the first time someone’s asked us to unpack. No one ever asks us to unpack because this is all we get paid to do…”

Then he proceeds to pick up a box, slash the bottom with a knife and let all the contents dump out of it. Trying to hold my composure I watched as they did this to the play room and the bedrooms. I stopped them before they got to the kitchen and living room.

Look at what they left:

That’s the play room.

They literally slashed and dumped all our stuff onto the floor. I’m livid just remembering it. I reported them to the people that scheduled our move. I’m also going to report them to Atlas Van Lines who they work under. I might as well just out them right now. It can’t be defamation or libel because it’s all true, I have witnesses and you can see the evidence above. Jordan Transfer Company, Inc. of West Point, Mississippi. 224 Bugg St, West Point, MS 39773-2304. I’m going to call them Monday and ask for their email address. Maybe someone up the chain actually cares.

This is how you treat your customers?!?! You rifle through our cabinets, you complain the whole freakin’ time you’re moving us, and you trash our stuff. You know, no one is forcing you to be in the moving business. If you hate moving people so much then get another job. Don’t force your creepiness onto customers. That’s not what we’re paying for.

What I can’t, for the life of me, understand is why they took so much care of our furniture.

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11 thoughts on “Maniacle Movers

  1. Holy Snikeys…yeah, these movers are supporting Cynthia McKinney…psycho!

    Sorry for your mess. They are just plain mean. If you need a babysitter, I am not that far off, just email and I will head your way.

  2. Oh my goodness!!! You should definitely report these movers… they shouldn’t be in the business of working with people. Sorry it was such a crappy move!

  3. Unfortunately, yours is not the first experience like this I’ve heard. Though I’ll admit BIL’s soliloquoys are a new twist. Glad to hear you’re reporting them.

  4. Wow…I don’t even have words for this sort of service. I would definitely call their head office and give them a piece. If that falls on deaf ears, I’d report them to the BBB.

  5. Livid.

    There is no other word. I mean, the running redneck commentary was bad enough (and you are so gracious, Vicki–I couldn’t have made it through that without cussing!) but the literal dumping of your personal items?


    I can’t write anymore…and I feel so badly for you, too. I’m so sorry!

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