Are The Judges On Drugs? The Worst Episode Yet

(Sorry to my RSS subscribers! This is the last edit! Pictures!)

Project Runway: Season 5, Episode 3.
They named it Bright Lights/Big City.
I’m renaming it Retro Rehash Complete With Smoke.

What was up with the Project Runway judges tonight (and what about Sandra Bernhard as a guest judge)? And what was up with all that watercolor fabric? I mean really, whatup? One of Michael Kors’ comments hit the nail on the head: “I mean, a girl who doesn’t remember the style of the 80s would so be into that dress.” (Or something like that). At first they were starting to make fun of the bubble 80’s dress that Kenley created,

then all the sudden the drugs kicked in and they started raving about it. I wanted to puke. It actually looks metalic and shiny here.Then the second watercolor came out (Terri’s dress).

I thought this was worse during the show, but after seeing this pic the bubble number up there is much worse. Michael’s comment to Kenley was backhanded if nothing else. It really betrayed what should have been his true feelings: That’s so 80s. It’s been done and it looked horrible back then too. Oh wait, did Nina just say it looked like 80s designers? Hmm, I better come up with a compliment, and quick!…

During the show I was all for Leanne’s outfit.

An architectural skirt that was very well tailored. Cute petals that were sewn with two different blacks. Paired with a simple black top. That skirt was rockin’. She really captured the look of the planter she had taken a picture of. Not to mention Heidi said it looked like it came from a store (not just sewn in a day) and she’d wear it in a heartbeat. Then on the runway we got the first look at Jerell’s dress.

FABULOUS!!! Where were his highlights throughout the show? And why wasn’t he in the top three when the two throwbacks to one of the worst fashion decades in history were? Another drug moment. Has to be. That dress is the best thing that’s been produced so far this season.

So with two throwbacks and a great architectural outfit to choose from how in the world did Leanne’s not win? I’ll tell you why. Although the judges are all the time saying, “if you’re unsure, go for less” (they told this to Emily) they never vote for that as a winner. They like the crazy, takin’ a chance dresses. That and they had to be on drugs.

The last two designers on the runway were Emily and Jennifer. They shot Jennifer’s dress to heck during the judging and voting.

They said she was boring and Heidi didn’t care to see anything else she designed. How in the world did she not get ‘auf’ed? Sure, Emily’s dress had ruffles that fluttered across her boobs,

but the judges didn’t trash that nearly as much as Jennifer’s “matronly” and “boring” (might I add maternity-looking) dress.

I don’t get it. Then again, I don’t do drugs. I wanted to post pictures, but Bravo is apparently embarrassed of the outcome of the show and how the designers stepped all over themselves to be wrong; they have yet to get those episode 3 pics up!

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7 thoughts on “Are The Judges On Drugs? The Worst Episode Yet

  1. yeah i’m with ya, that was just weird. the whole thing. editing is annoying sometimes….jerrell’s dress was beautiful and looked like it must have taken forever to do, and we only saw it the one time, and then with almost no comment.

  2. I agree with everything you said. The bubble 80’s dress–how did that win when the judges were jumping up and down about how only a woman with a huge goiter on her thigh would wear it? Then they laugh their stupid little laughs and say, “But it’s 80’s in a good way.” Huh? The pants/dress thing was stupid looking, and no Michael, I wouldn’t want to know “who that woman is”. (What does that even mean?)

    Leeanne should have won. Everyone loved her outfit. No one had anything bad to say about it.

  3. I saw the title of your post before I watched the show and knew something would be up. I was so disappointed in this episode! I mean really…. that dress won? It’s so ugly. Even Jonathan (who actually watches it every week with me) agreed. I really like Leanne’s dress best. It certainly was most fitting to the theme that week, and actually looked like it was inspired by the picture she took. I don’t get why the one chick was sent off instead of the other, either. We were shocked about that one, too. Hopefully, they’ll redeem themselves next week.

    Oh… and am I the only one who thinks the models should be able to choose their designer… at least once? I mean it is a competition for them, too, right?

  4. I so agree, I think the judges all needed glasses last night. And I cant believe leather girls tacky outfit was not in the bottom. It looked liked something from forever21. This is my favorite show, and I was so disappointed last night!

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