Project Runway: All Stars

Alright, Project runway, I’m giving you a chance to redeem yourself. The  asinine decision of choosing Gretchen just for ratings did me in. I boycotted this past season and didn’t even know about the All Stars show. A friend clued me in and I’m willing to give PR another shot. Although I’m already second guessingContinue reading “Project Runway: All Stars”

My body double

She’s a bit on the stick-straight side. She’s ditzy because her brain, well, it’s just not there. She’s not much of a dancer. She’s not much into anything really. In fact, she’s a horrible conversationalist. But what she lacks in brains or talent…or a head, she makes up for in style. It’s my body double.Continue reading “My body double”

Feminine Glory

One of the great things about my husband’s line of work is the fact that he can retire after twenty years and then find a whole new line of work and do that for twenty years. Two retirement funds when it actually comes to the age of retirement. SWEET! Another great thing is the balls thatContinue reading “Feminine Glory”

Are The Judges On Drugs? The Worst Episode Yet

(Sorry to my RSS subscribers! This is the last edit! Pictures!) Project Runway: Season 5, Episode 3. They named it Bright Lights/Big City. I’m renaming it Retro Rehash Complete With Smoke. What was up with the Project Runway judges tonight (and what about Sandra Bernhard as a guest judge)? And what was up with allContinue reading “Are The Judges On Drugs? The Worst Episode Yet”

Please The Client, But Please The Judges More

What a great idea for this week’s Project Runway challenge! Each designer’s model got to go out and choose the fabric for the dress. The designers had to combine their own design aesthetic with the model’s desires for a cocktail dress. Fabulous idea. Not so fabulous dresses. Most of them were unfortunately forgettable. All but oneContinue reading “Please The Client, But Please The Judges More”