Story Time!

Before we get this week’s Story Time up and running I must tell you about the swimmer that Reagan is becoming. Two weeks ago she decided that she wanted to dunk her head under water. No strings attached. She just wanted to. And this decision came from a girl who just the day before was deathly afraid of me holding her in the water trying to get her to kick her legs and paddle with her arms at the same time. What happened is a miracle, that’s all I can guess. Since then she’s been getting bolder and braver about being underwater. Yesterday she began the process of putting the leg/arm motion with the head under water phenomenon. We’ve got an almost swimmer y’all.

Now, on with the show! If you’re new to my Thursdays (or have just been lazy and haven’t taken the time to comment) I’ll fill you in on the details.

  1. Look at picture.
  2. Think about what picture could be about.
  3. Make up story/comment.
  4. Post made up story/comment in comment section.
  5. Make my Thursday!


Rewind to last week’s picture. Year: 2004. State: Florida. City: Saint Augustine. Place: Alligator Farm. After touching a real live snake (of which I do not have a picture), Reagan climbed onto the real dead alligator for the requisite Alligator Farm photo op. I cannot remember her exact attitude. She doesn’t look too happy to be on it. I can’t remember if she climbed on that willingly and was in the middle of telling me something, thus giving her face a look of disquiet. Or if I forced her onto that thing unwillingly giving her face a look of disquiet. No matter! We got a memory of us at the Alligator Farm. And I doubt it ever actually was a real live alligator, but the word play fit nicely in the sentence.

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5 thoughts on “Story Time!

  1. Yeah, it’s like this..I was all, come ON..and she was a was like..SOOO laaame! She had me standing in the healthy food section..YEAH! AS IF! I had to stand and wait and wait-like, I’m NOT getting any younger here!-the CANDY is over THERE! So anyway…I was like come ON and she finally did! I ran right to the jumbo tootsie-roll bags and was all SCORE!!-she says 1 SMALL bag of lamo-plain-jane M&M’s! Can you believe it? M’s are SO juvenile! and only ONE? Did she buy only one apple? AS IF!! OH! uh-just a sec…hold on K?….You need something Ma?

  2. “Yeah, da boxes are heah. But nobody said I was gonna hafta put tuhgedda my own pool! I got my chair. I got my suit. And my mommy putted suncreen allllll ober me. I wanna go swimmin’ NOW. RIGHT NOW!
    I’m gonna tell my daddy on you.”

  3. You talkin’ to me? What? You can Skype with Leigh Anne for 2 hours in the middle of the night but I can’t sit here without you being all up in my Kool-Aid? You don’t even know the flavor, girl!

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