Story Time: Clarification

Yesterday I wrote about awesome dresses that I’d love to wear to the ball. From comments I received I think I need to clarify a couple of things:

  • the ball isn’t until December (unless we also attend another one that’s next month) so I have plenty of time to pick a dress.
  • I’m cheap frugal so there’s no way I’m paying anywhere near the prices that are being asked for those gowns, even though they are beautiful. I would throw money at the sales clerk while snatching up the dress if I did have the money.

Which one would I choose if I were a real Queen? Well, obviously not the third one. We’ve established that it was a mistake to send that one down the runway. I sent out a little call for some photoshop help and Tori responded. I think the following has made up my mind for number one. Isn’t it totally me!?!?

I’m smokin’ hot in that picture! Maybe I will fork over the money for that dress. Of course it is only my head. Does the body come with the dress? So here’s this week’s Story Time: Interactive Style. Come up with a clever comment/story for the picture above. I’m thinking something forest-nymphy.


Also yesterday I lamented that I didn’t want to fight with my scanner so late at night to bring you the latest atrocity from my favorite magazine to make fun of. Well, I fought with my scanner tonight. I lost the battle but not the war. I ended up taking a picture of the magazine page. Please tell me if anything is excusable about the outfit below…

Huh!?!? Here’s the quote: “Mixing the contrasting-but complementary-patterns creates a really gorgeous, flowing silhouette.”

It does? It looks to me like she got dressed in the dark. And if you could see her face (Ashlyn scribbled on it today) you wouldn’t see a bold, confident smile. It’s more like a “I hope no one recognizes me…are they really going to publish this?” look. Since birth I have been told not to mix prints, especially when they’re going on the body. Leave it to Lucky to buck tradition for outlandish of-the-moment costume. Am I wrong here? Am I just getting old? May I remind you that I saw not a single jump suit on any single female body above the age of six this summer and Lucky had touted it as the next big thing

You can comment about this too.


Last, but certainly not least, get your post submitted to me for Best Posts of the Week! Just leave a comment here with the link or head over to BPOTW and leave me the link there. I’ll get it up Saturday morning!

Story Time, Monkeying Around

Levity, that’s what’s needed around here! What better way to prepare for the weekend than with a Story Time, Interactive Style that includes animals. We all like animals…isn’t that why that cat blog is so popular (you know, the one that posts pictures of cats saying funny things?). And we like them even more when they’re babies and oh so cute.

So! To participate in this Story Time here’s what you do.

  1. Put on your thinking caps
  2. Look at the picture below
  3. Come up with cute/funny caption/story for picture below
  4. Leave that in the comments section
  5. Come back later and laugh at all comments left

We went to the zoo this past weekend and came across this:

I had to include both pictures because they completely tell the story (to me) and are just too sweet. Now get to commenting!


In other news, I’m reading The Boleyn Inheritance by Philippa Gregory. I can’t put the book down. I’ve read The Constant Princess and The Other Boleyn Girl(didn’t see the movie) and this book is on par with the those. It’s fascinating to think about what life might have been like in King Henry VIII’s court. A bit scary I must say. I keep wondering to myself, “Will I see these people in Heaven and get to ask them all these questions I have running around my head? Will they answer me?” The next book I’ll read is The Virgin’s Lover. Then The Queen’s Fool and The Other Queen.

I’ve also been embroidering some. I haven’t really done much since we moved. I’ve got fabric to make the girls’ Christmas dresses, and it looks like I better get sewing on those. The holidays will be here before I know it. To monogram or not to monogram their dresses…that is the question.

Story Time, Interactive Style

We’ve made it to another Thursday and another round of Story Time, Interactive Style! To my new readers (if any of you are still out there…) this is a really fun day, usually just for me, but I like to pretend my readers are having fun too.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Look at the photo
  2. Come up with a story/caption–the funnier the better. I live for funny, people (and funny people).
  3. Leave that in the comments section
  4. No cop outs, oh she who cops out every time. I still ♥ you.


Now, for the gem from two weeks ago. This political season is getting so over the top. We take ourselves way too seriously all the stinking time. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely serious issues, but I’m up for a laugh every now and then too. I knew the picture would fascinate some and send others into tizzies. Kerith was so jealous that she even said ‘crap’…on a family blog. Don’t worry, I say ‘freakin” all the time. I almost made Ashley pass out so she repaid me the favor by making me look at Obama hugging her. Ashley, I threw up in my mouth a little. I’m just kidding. Ashley and I can still like each other because we both live in Alabama and love to travel!

So, the year was 2005. Sean Hannity and Tammy Bruce (another FAVORITE of mine) came to produce their shows live at Old Dominion University in Norfolk. There was no freaking way  I was going to miss this. I packed up Reagan and we headed across the bridge to the South Side. 

We got to see Tammy, who does her radio show while standing (a little bit of pop culture trivia). Then Sean came on. He was doing his show and then during a commercial break asked if there was anyone in the audience whose spouse/family member was $erving “over there”. A couple people in the crowd knew me and had seen me there somehow (I sound like I’m famous…) so one yelled out, “SHE HAS! Vicki’s husband!” and pointed over two or so rows of seats to me.

So he brings Reagan and me up on stage with him.  Now, Du had already returned from “over there” so I didn’t have a great story to tell him about how I was currently making do without…

But Reagan stole the show. We have been teaching Reagan, since birth practically, that she is to answer people with “yes ma’am” or “yes sir”. She hadn’t really practiced “yes sir” a lot… Sean asks her a question and she says, “yes ma’am”. I don’t remember the rest. We talked about my husband’s $ervice and our sacrifice and I’m sure he called me a great American. I couldn’t get past the “yes ma’am” though. Here are a couple more shots. I had forgotten my camera that day so a kind person in the audience captured these for me and sent them to me.

Tammy Bruce. The sane woman in talk radio.

Tammy Bruce. The sane woman in talk radio.

Reagan grabs the mic

Reagan grabs the mic

Reagan, you're a great American!

Notice, she's a princess. And he commented on that.


Now, leave me a caption for this week’s shot!

Story Time, In Memoriam

11 September 2001

It’s already been seven years, but thinking about it makes it seem just like yesterday. We all remember where we were when we found out. My husband was serving our country…over there, somewhere. I was four months pregnant with our first child. I woke up early that morning–before I normally had to get up and get ready. I was working on my Masters and needed to watch a video before heading to work. I turned on the tv and was about to turn on the vcr when the news caught my attention. The CNN newscasters were telling us all they knew as pictures of a tall building billowing with smoke flashed on the screen. All they knew was that there was a rumor a plane had struck one of the buildings of the World Trade Center. They were conjecturing as to how this could have happened. The assumption was that it was a terrible accident. As I was watching the coverage the live footage showed the second plane.

What just happened? I was in shock with my hands to my mouth. My jaw slack in unbelief. My heart pounding, forcing me to breathe heavy. What in the world was happening? As the anchors were coming to grips with what was just broadcast, it was becoming clear to everyone that these were no accidents.  I immediately began to wish that my husband wasn’t so far away. Did he know yet? How fast did news reach him? I called my boss and excused myself from work that day.

As events unfolded and planes crashed into the Pentagon and Shanksville I began to wonder where friends and family were. My mother-in-law was visiting friends in D.C. Du’s father and an uncle fly for United. Another of his uncles flies for Southwest. Where were they? Two of my dearest friends were flight attendants. One based out of New York. Where were they? Throughout the day I was able to make contact with everyone, each one of us telling and retelling our stories and expressing our unbelief. Each of us fearing that the worst would happen somewhere else in America as well. It turns out that there was someone from the tiny Western town we were living in that was on one of the planes. Everyone in America is probably less than six degrees of separation from somebody who died that day.

Photo by Michael Garcia

Photo by Michael GarciaShanksville, PA

This Story Time is dedicated to never forgetting. NEVER FORGET those innocent people in the planes, in the buildings, on the ground. The residual victims in NYC. NEVER FORGET the group and the evil-filled people that did this to us. They are still out there and want to do much worse to us. Not because they hate Bush. No, they hate us. They hate America and Americans. They hate other religions. They hate the Western way of life and will not stop.
Marana tha!

Story Time, Political Style

Hello from the RNC!! I wish! Hello from my living room couch where I am firmly in love with a little boy named Trig and totally in awe of his momma. Watching the RNC tonight, I began thinking about my political past. There was this one time when I had a chance to shake hands with President Bush and have him hold Reagan for a photo op. What did I do? I went to the local political rally to hear him speak where I was certain I’d have a better chance of really seeing him. Whatever. I don’t think about that too much or I cry.

So this week’s Story Time is as close as this woman gets to politics. Here’s what you do.

  1. Look at the photo.
  2. Be in awe for just one second. Don’t spit at your computer if you’re not though.
  3. Leave a comment with a caption or story about the photo.
  4. I’ll vote you President of the Not So SAHM fan club!

If you need help, that’s Sean Hannity. Now go leave a comment telling me what’s going on!


Now for last week’s gem, I kind of took a bye. BUT it was for a great cause (wink). If you can’t remember I’ll remind you:


It’s the Best Posts of the Week blog! Your job is to go over there and let me know your best/favorite/whatever you want to call it post of the week. I’ll get them all consolidated and linked up for a Saturday showing. Sounds great, no? Last week was a great showing. There were just under 30 postings listed!

Best Posts of the Week

Today’s Story Time, Interactive Style is going to take a leetle detour. I still want your comments, but for a different reason…


I’m starting a new blog! It may sound crazy, but I think it’s going to help a lot of people. I’m philanthropic like that…

I know! Doesn’t it just sound cool! And the blog is too cute. And there’s even a button you can snag and add to your sidebar!

Here’s the thought process behind Best Posts:

I’ve mentioned before how many blogs I’m subscribed to. It’s almost embarrassing, but not quite. I love reading stories about people’s lives. It’s so hard to find time to visit all of the blogs though everyday. To leave comments on a regular basis is even harder. Then when I add in all of things I’m supposed to be doing guilt sets in. Can I get an amen?

That got me thinking. What if there was a blog that consolidated the best posts each week?!?! Bloggers and readers would win. Readers would get the great content they desire–in one area. Like an über Google Reader. The bloggers get readers who are actually interested in reading the post for what it is, a great post–not just another post in their Reader that they almost “marked as read” without even reading it (guilty as charged).

Doesn’t that sound great!?! Don’t you (please won’t you) want to join in and help me out!?!

Here’s what I’m asking you, my wonderful, fabulous, amazing regular readers to do (and anyone else who stumbles upon this post):

On Friday (tomorrow) decide which post was your best post published during the week. Email me with the link to that post and the link to your blog. I’m going to consolidate all the posts I receive and put them in list form and publish the list Saturday morning.

My peeps, help me get this off the ground! Send me a link to the best post you’ve written this week by Friday afternoon! And if you really have pity on me like me, then grab the button and wear it with pride on your own blog! Thank you kindly!


Now, for last week’s gem. This cat is one “special” cat. He and his brother are truly good cats. They just have little isms that we, as humans, can’t quite get used to. Like how Buzz, the one in the picture, likes to prop himself up against walls. Or like how both of them are wool suckers. Oh no, I’m not making that term up. They both like to “nurse” on fabric. It’s more than a little weird, but not all that uncommon from what I read. Apparently they were weaned too early from their mother. I took the picture just to document how Buzz likes to recline. Little did I know his inner self would shine through. I’m a proud mama…