Story Time, Interactive Style

We’ve made it to another Thursday and another round of Story Time, Interactive Style! To my new readers (if any of you are still out there…) this is a really fun day, usually just for me, but I like to pretend my readers are having fun too.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Look at the photo
  2. Come up with a story/caption–the funnier the better. I live for funny, people (and funny people).
  3. Leave that in the comments section
  4. No cop outs, oh she who cops out every time. I still ♥ you.


Now, for the gem from two weeks ago. This political season is getting so over the top. We take ourselves way too seriously all the stinking time. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely serious issues, but I’m up for a laugh every now and then too. I knew the picture would fascinate some and send others into tizzies. Kerith was so jealous that she even said ‘crap’…on a family blog. Don’t worry, I say ‘freakin” all the time. I almost made Ashley pass out so she repaid me the favor by making me look at Obama hugging her. Ashley, I threw up in my mouth a little. I’m just kidding. Ashley and I can still like each other because we both live in Alabama and love to travel!

So, the year was 2005. Sean Hannity and Tammy Bruce (another FAVORITE of mine) came to produce their shows live at Old Dominion University in Norfolk. There was no freaking way  I was going to miss this. I packed up Reagan and we headed across the bridge to the South Side. 

We got to see Tammy, who does her radio show while standing (a little bit of pop culture trivia). Then Sean came on. He was doing his show and then during a commercial break asked if there was anyone in the audience whose spouse/family member was $erving “over there”. A couple people in the crowd knew me and had seen me there somehow (I sound like I’m famous…) so one yelled out, “SHE HAS! Vicki’s husband!” and pointed over two or so rows of seats to me.

So he brings Reagan and me up on stage with him.  Now, Du had already returned from “over there” so I didn’t have a great story to tell him about how I was currently making do without…

But Reagan stole the show. We have been teaching Reagan, since birth practically, that she is to answer people with “yes ma’am” or “yes sir”. She hadn’t really practiced “yes sir” a lot… Sean asks her a question and she says, “yes ma’am”. I don’t remember the rest. We talked about my husband’s $ervice and our sacrifice and I’m sure he called me a great American. I couldn’t get past the “yes ma’am” though. Here are a couple more shots. I had forgotten my camera that day so a kind person in the audience captured these for me and sent them to me.

Tammy Bruce. The sane woman in talk radio.
Tammy Bruce. The sane woman in talk radio.
Reagan grabs the mic
Reagan grabs the mic
Reagan, you're a great American!
Notice, she's a princess. And he commented on that.


Now, leave me a caption for this week’s shot!

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13 thoughts on “Story Time, Interactive Style

  1. yo yo YO! I know mama likes to dress me but I need a little sumpin more! A girls gotta have her BLING! come on Moms–gimmee sompin to work wit here! Not much in the jewry box….now THIS is mo like it!! Next I’ll grab sum doggie chain from next door-THEN I can hit the hood for a few mo of these!

  2. “Mom, VWs are for liberals (even that Ashley girl has one). I’m so ashamed. I’ll just take care of this myself. And don’t be buying me a VW when I turn 16. Geesh! What would Sean say if he knew you had a VW?”

    hehehehe 🙂 I couldn’t help it! By the way, I have a picture up on the blog today you may like a little better.

  3. Now if I poke this in far enough it will really grab Mom’s attention!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog onthe BATW flight to New Zealand. In answer to your question – I think that they are now getting a bit embarressed and doing something about it. Ashamed no, not yet I don’t think. There are still too many excuses. I was involved in a Campaign to stop Family Violence as part of my work at the Ministry of Social Development. The Tag line is “It’s not OK!”. This is the first time there’s been a declaration that it really isn’t OK.

  4. cooter thought if he removed all the identifiable markings from the duke boys’ new minivan, the littlest dukes could get back and forth to soccer practice without sheriff roscoe p. coltrane meddling.

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