Black Eye (aka Parent Abuse)

I want to give brief updates about what’s been going on in our lives. And yes, a black eye is involved.

Reagan had an appointment with the orthopedist. He was to check out her ankles and her spine. She pronates to the point of almost walking on the inside of her foot. That’s not all the time, but definitely noticeable, especially in certain shoes. Also, the pediatrician noticed a slight curve in her spine and wanted to have that checked. The x-ray tech mentioned that’s it’s a 7 degree curve…

According to the doctor she’s fine, both her ankles and back. Thinking back on the appointment though, I’m not too pleased with how cavalier he was. How can someone, even a doctor, be able to look at a curved spine while holding the x-ray sheet with one hand (because the x-ray sheet is bending as he’s holding it). We will monitor her to make sure neither situation progresses. She’s just thrilled that she can still wear her little espadrilles I got her in hopes it would help her strengthen her ankles (I know, I know).


Ashlyn had an appointment with the cardiologist because the pediatrician heard a little heart murmur. She told us it was probably just an innocent heart murmur, but it would be best to get checked out. So…I took her in. She didn’t get her blood pressure taken. Not because the nurse didn’t try. Let’s just say a kid must be still and not flailing in order for that cuff to work. The nurse became brilliant when it was time for the EKG. After she strapped the octopus cords all over A’s body she started blowing bubbles. Why we didn’t take the bubbles with us to the ultrasound room I’ll never know.

Thankfully a child does not have to be quiet for an ultrasound image to be captured. A child does have to be still though. Cartoons didn’t work (and she loves them because she never gets to see them); a sucker didn’t work (and she’s never had a sucker until that day either); her sippie (do you spell it sippy or sippie? I can’t remember right now) didn’t work (I knew it wouldn’t); and multiple stuffed animals didn’t work. It took a full-grown woman to practically lay on her to get her still enough for the ultrasound.

Thankfully, and all praise to God here, there is nothing wrong. It is just an innocent murmur.


Mo, one of our cats, also had a doctor’s appointment this week. Unexpected, but still eventful. I’ve blogged about that one already, but wanted to mention it here as it was part of the week of medical appointments.


The Week Of Medical Appointments didn’t end last week though. Today we’re headed to the Speech Therapist to find out if Ashlyn needs any speech therapy. She had multiple ear infections last fall and winter and it did affect her hearing at the time. She can hear perfectly well now and is even talking. She isn’t saying the appropriate amount of words for her age group though, and the words she does say are pretty incomprehensible unless you’re Mom, Dad or Reagan. I know most kids start off like this, BUT we’re going to see the therapist just to make sure there’s nothing we need to be doing to bring her up to speed.


Now, where did the black eye come in? Ahh, as we were in the Arctic waiting room shivering and waiting for Reagan to be called back for her orthopedic appointment I was snuggling Ashlyn to stay warm. Well, that’s not the only reason I was gripping her for dear life cuddling her. A couple minutes before she had been trying to climb into a wheel chair while I was turning in the novel I had just filled out. The climb wasn’t successful and she fell and hurt her cheek. Once getting her settled down from that I was holding her in my lap to continue to comfort her. She decided she’d like to do a repeat performance of the kangaroo on crack trick that you may have recently read about. This time, however, she lunged back and slammed the back of her really thick, hard, really hard skull onto my dainty, thinly covered with crow’s feet eye socket bone. I almost cried. It was all I could do not to hurl her off of me. I regained composure because we were being called back for the appointment. I saw stars.

The next day as I was applying eye liner and shadow I saw what I thought was an errant shadow mark on the outside corner of my eye. No, it wasn’t shadow but a nice little bruise left for me by the little one who can’t get enough of me, but yet likes to remind me who’s boss. It’s parent abuse, and I want to know where’s the hotline I can call? It will probably be voice automated…

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18 thoughts on “Black Eye (aka Parent Abuse)

  1. Glad to hear everyone is okay and I pray that your eye feels better soon. Good restraint not flinging your daughter across the room. I have done that to my son when he hurts me… he is so confused and so am I… I just want the pain to stop. Thankfully during the “flinging” no one gets hurt…but usually I have a bruise or two to show for it!

  2. i’m glad everybody’s okay. and when you find the number for the parent abuse line, i need it. i think even if it’s voice automated, if i can just log all my injuries, that will help.

  3. It really is a small world isn’t it?! Thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know you use to live in “the burg”. I went to FBC while growing up. In the last month I have met several ladies that live within 50 miles of me.

    Sorry about the black eye, but I’m glad all the Dr. appointments turned out well. Do you mind if I add you to my side bar so I can come back and visit?

    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  4. Oh goodness! You’ve been busy with the specialists! I’m glad to hear that everything has turned out well, at least. I guess that old saying “when it rains, it pours” applies in this situation, but at least you can cover up that black eye with some concealer 🙂 Take a picture and use it as blackmail at a later point in time!

  5. Ashlyn — there ARE limits to what your parents can and will take. So, cool it if you ever want to:

    — Chew gum
    — Stay up ’til 9
    — Go to birthday parties (or have your own)
    — Get a manicure oh, i forgot. you already do. 🙂

    I know that might seem like a long ways away,but you’ll be big enough to do all those things before you know it. The question is, will you get to? i’m just sayin’ …

  6. My boys are always kind enough to aim their thick skulls for my nose. Did you know there is nothing a Dr. can do for a broken nose unless it is obstructing your airway?
    Hopefully next week will be medically uneventful for you. 🙂

  7. I was sitting here feeling your pain, wanting to hug all three of you, and thinking I’ll be calling you very soon.

    And then I read your last sentence…about the voice automated hotline. I cracked up, Vicki!

    You rock. Again, I’m president of Ashlyn’s fan club. Just so you know.

  8. I admire you for not tossing her across the room. Recently my son has the habit of flinging his head back-usually into my chin-neck-lip or whatever body part is convenient. It’s so hard to be a loving parent when you are seeing stars.

    BTW-I have an Ashlyn as well! She’s my big helper, and I could not get by most days without her :). I hope your Ashlyn will follow in her footsteps!

  9. My brother gave me a black eye when I was four. Maybe the parent abuse hotline is the same as the sibiling abuse hotline. We actually have a pic of me sipping a slurpie with a huge black eye.

  10. That is quite a week. Glad everything turned out okay for the kids. And watch out for those child-induced black eyes (and split lips). I endured many from my unexpectedly flailing kids and now I am having to duck the grandchildren!

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