Oh Yeah, And We Got A Car

I didn’t properly finish my post yesterday where I talked about what a week we had. We ended last week up in Birmingham purchasing the younger and feature-filled version of our 1995 Jetta.

Ye Old Faithful
Ye Old Faithful
Ye New Faithful
Ye New Faithful

We keep our cars for a long time, which is why I had no idea what comes standard in cars today. It may be only a Jetta y’all, but it feels like the lap of luxury to butts that were sitting on 13 year old seats. And our butts will be warm this winter with seat warmers! The last time I sat in a car with seat warmers I thought I was peeing on myself. I had never experienced those before…

Our other vehicle, a 2000 Durango, will hopefully last us more than five more years. Who knows what cars will come equipped with then!
The Jetta beat out the Prius, the Altima, the 3 series, and the Passat. My requirements were simple:
  • no minivans
  • no station wagons
  • no old-people looking cars

I started to get a little picky when I started wanting blue tooth capability, satalite radio ready, and even a Coke can cooler (the Beamer had one)… Gas mileage and affordability won out in the end.

If we weren’t worried about gas mileage we would have seriously considered a Dodge Charger. That’s a nice looking four-door!

SO! Here’s to a great ending to a somewhat strenuous week. What could top that this weekend?

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12 thoughts on “Oh Yeah, And We Got A Car

  1. See, I’m all about avoiding the bells and whistles. Less things to break that way. The only “power” feature in my Jeep Liberty are the windows, and literally EVERY window in the Jeep has had to be fixed by the dealership for busted motors. The only thing I wish I had now? Docking for my MP3 player. Boo.

    The car is beautiful 🙂 Enjoy!

  2. Awesome ride. CONGRATS!

    Yeah. Assuming that I can remain gainfully employed in the down economy and after we get another bill off our backs THIS SPRING (YAY!) we will likely be putting Ladybird (a 1991, thank you) into secondary status and getting a much newer car. I hope to be buying my first-eer piece of luxury. (Used, but not THAT used.)

    Your last requirement made me laugh because that’s my key requirement. While I want something the mother likes and would be comfortable driving, um, no senior citizen vehicles PLEASE!!! Of course, since she doesn’t look near her age, that was an easy sell on my part … 🙂

  3. My husband’s car is about to die. It’s a 2001 Nissan Sentra, and no one can keep it from overheating. $2,000 in wasted parts and labor later, we need to buy a new car. Any advice? I need something used.

  4. Awesome! We bought our 08 Jetta in January. I absolutely love it!! There were lots of reasons I loved the Jetta but you know what – I really like the key! You know?!? Yea, I’m weird. But I love practically everything about the car! Great choice!

  5. Whoa, a car. You were smart to get jetta. We got the Passat Wagon thinking of hauling peoples around*as in kids in the next 5 years* but it gets 27 miles to the gallon on PREMIUM gasoline. Bummer. It is parked.

    Aren’t heated seats way cool? 🙂

  6. wow seat warmers are standard now? We got a used van last year and it is purely functional. It has no a/c no radio nothing… and some seats didn’t even come with seat belts… welcome to Eastern Europe! Cars now do come with some things, but not standard.

  7. How funny…when I saw the previous post for the photo caption I thought “Holy Moly…they are STILL driving that car!?” Hee Hee.

    We’ve got an Altima and love it – the price was right which is why we got it. We’ll have to get a second car when we move back to the states…I’m already looking at the Dodge Caliber.

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