I’m finding myself in the most interesting of dilemmas. I have so much swirling around in my head, it would seem that I have hundreds (or at least several) of posts to write on topics that I’m sure would enrapture you. Yet, I can’t seem to formulate the words. Or I think better of it and don’t even begin the typing process.

While I wrestle with myself this week I’m going to provide you with at least something to look at. I’m going to tell you what fun we had this weekend whether you want to read about it or not.

Vicki’s Pleasure Post On What Fun We Had This Weekend
My Gratuitous Photo Essay on the Gold & White (w/a splash of blue) Weekend

As I mentioned on Friday we headed to Atlanta. Our express purpose was to root for Ga Tech, live in the stadium. We were also able to hang out with some really close friends and reunite/make the acquaintance of some past/future really close friends (I’ll explain myself).

John & Cher were once again willing to open up their house to our family. We tend to breeze through about once a year and pillage and destroy spend some quality time together. Usually there is a game of Siedler (Settlers) involved, but we were busy with sports this year. On Saturday, before we headed out to watch the GA Tech Yellow Jackets, we first watched the Yellow Jackets of Forsyth County little league. Here is their favorite fan:

Favorite Fan stayed with a babysitter after this first game and we ventured on to do our best at willing GA Tech to victory over Duke. Here we are kissing Buzz for good luck:

Oh wait, that was just me doing the kissing. Which one of you is actually surprised? (I picked the nose of a lion statue in Munich before so kissing a bee is no big deal.) The kissing must have worked because GA Tech won. 27-0. A resounding victory I must say. Thank you GA Tech for actually passing the ball a couple of times. Your passing game is much better than you realize, and whether you want to admit it or not, the other team will stop you most of the time if you keep trying that run down the middle of the field thing. At least they don’t have Reggie B@ll anymore. Oops.

Here are two of the great Atlanta Institutions:

Thanks for that pic, Cher! Whether you meant to or not that’s great juxtaposition. And neither Du nor John can confirm or deny knowing anything about removing one of those “T”s “back in the day”… (don’t ever ask them about the Margaret Mitchell house).

After the game we hung out by the Delt house while Zach grilled us some mighty spicy wursts and a delish filet mignon on the tiniest grill I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of this. Too bad, because you’d be amazed at how much meat fit on this thing. While we were noshing the kids were busy exploring:

Not a real firetruck anymore. Some Delts bought it in Chesterfield (where is that?) and drove it down here. It was already yellow. I’d say that was a pretty good purchase.

When I was hanging out at the Delt house, back in the day, I never in a million years thought I’d see our kids climbing on a tree right outside. And there they are. What change time brings.

Sunday morning we rose bright and early to meet up with Zach and his very pregnant wife, Eva. This was our first time meeting Eva and we definitely hope it’s not the last. Zach, Du & John (in order of appearance) were really good friends in college and it would be great to get them together more often now that we live a little closer (if only for a year).

The breakfast was followed by church and then a quick lunch to say goodbye until next time!

I love this picture. I think I want it blown up to poster size, or life size or something.

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16 thoughts on “Gratuitous

  1. What a great weekend you had…but I am sure there will be future therapy sessions for leaving Miss A with a sitter and making her miss the game! All I can say is “Go Mountaineers!”

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog- to answer your questions- mental health days are days I let the girls take off not because they are sick or didn’t study but sometimes they just feel the need to take a little break. They are good about it and don’t abuse my generosity.
    The quotas in our particular school district boil down to money (doesn’t everything?).
    If they miss 10 or more days per period (2x year) they go to court. Hire a lawyer & pay the legal fees for the school, it doesn’t matter if they have a doctors excuse for every single absence.
    Even if they send the kids home with fever or for whatever reason.
    They get funding if the kids are there all 180 days per school year and it lowers if they miss so they go and get all the other kids sick- it is a vicious cycle.
    Even knowing this I choose to let my kids decide when they are sick enough to need to stay home or even if they just want to (like if the release of the Twilight movie is on a schoolday the littlest diva will be going to that instead of school- and she knows if she gets sick later she still drags herself.
    I was homeschooling til I got too sick and didn’t realize how insane our school district actually is… and the more I see the less I like it.

  3. Great post Vicki! We loved having you guys and can’t wait to do it again! Looking forward to the day we make it to the Safari so we can try to have a giraffe lick our faces like you did!

  4. Hi there. I’m visiting from BATW. This post was kind of a trip down memory lane. I was looking for a picture of the Varsity.

    No, I didn’t go to Tech, but did attend another Atlanta institution (and grew up in the Atlanta burbs). Does “Stormy Petrel” mean anything to you? Oglethorpe University? Probably not.

    Anyway, nice pics!

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