How Did I Do At The Debate Last Night?

Bet you didn’t know I was at the debate last night did you? Well…I wasn’t.I was at the next best place: The Political Party at my house! It was a good thing I wasn’t at the debate though because my crowd and I would have been kicked out for yelling, “say ‘maverick’ all ready!!” “Putin, say Putin!” “Break down and cry!” “BINGO!!”

That would not have gone over very well…I’d be posting from a jail cell this morning.

We had our own political party at our house last night. We’re pundits like that. And we’ve even created our own political party slogan: We’re making FUN of politics…I mean making politics FUN again! We all gathered around the television set for the bewitching hour of 8pm Central. We had everything we needed: good drinks, good snacks…and our bingo cards and betting sheets. I had a bingo sheet for both Obama and McCain. I desperately needed McCain to say ‘Putin’ to get Bingo on his sheet, but Obama said ‘Republicans’, which was all I needed to get bingo on his sheet first…the first bingo of the night. 

I think I also won when it came to guessing how many times Tom Brokaw would have to say something to the effect of “let’s move on, your time is up”. I guessed six. Poor Tom, he tried to be tough last night, but got walked on.

Where did I miss the mark totally? McCain said ‘my friend’ a grand total of 20 times. Come on! I guessed that he’d say it 63 times! Where were you last night McCain!?! And he said ‘maverick’ not once. I’m positive he was told to cut down on the ‘my friends’ and to not utter the ‘m’ word at all. People are kind of tired of that.

I also didn’t come close to guessing the amount of times Obama would say ‘you know’. I don’t think anybody did in my crowd.

One of the questions was: “will one of the candidates get emotional?” I totally figured McCain would, and there were two times where I thought he was close. I’ve never wanted to see a grown man cry until last night. My man didn’t pull through for me. Another question was: “will one of the candidates lose their cool?” I’m happy to say I did not bet against McCain on that one. I knew he’d hold his temper. There was one time during the debate though when he might as well have lost it and it was the funniest thing all night…and nobody saw this one coming…”that one”. Oh yeah, he said it. And he pointed his finger when he said it. I loved it.

There you have it; our own Political Party. Make plans for your own Political Party for the next debate on 15 October. We might have to break our normal Wednesday night engagement for “that one”.

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55 thoughts on “How Did I Do At The Debate Last Night?

  1. “That One”. Hilarious. Also when OBama got a little whiny when Tom tried to keep time limits and said, “I’m just trying to keep up with JOHN over here!” He might as well have said, “HE STARTED IT!”

  2. Neither performance was stellar by any means. I nearly spit soda though over “that one.” I heard someone say later that McCain sounded more like an annoyed grandfather than anyone issuing a racial attack. I believe that.

    McCain is getting more like Mr. Burns every day.

  3. My husband swears that McCain sounds like Adam Sandler in little Nicky 🙂

    Your political party sounds like it was a ton of fun! Me and my gun-toting pals are having an election night party. Four years ago we did the same thing with Anti-Kerry Cupcakes. We will bring them back this time and hopefully that will do the trick!

  4. This is in response to your comment on Jen’s blog. I’d just leave it there, but I don’t know if you’d see it.

    Thanks, Vicki, truly. Required reading for your daughters when they get older? I don’t think my blog has received a higher compliment! One of my biggest desires in life is to be an encouragement to the younger generation (I’m highly involved in the children’s ministry at my church).

  5. What FUN you are!! The only time we laughed was when hubby suggested that “my friends” (how it was said) reminded him of golum saying “prreeecioussss”–had me screaming louder and louder each time it came out!

  6. Stopping by from BATW.

    Thanks for the post and the laughs! I mean, as with most things this election makes me either want to laugh or cry, thanks for helping me laugh!

  7. I love this idea. We’re doing a similar one for my daughter’s 13th birthday on Nov. 2nd. She is very into politics. My favorite game to play is “Pin the Blame on the Donkey” Anyway, we’re sending out invitations that look like a ballot. The invitees can vote whether or not they can come and on other things. I’ll blog about it after its over. She wants to have a dress up game called. Dress the Candidate. I need to find some Sarah Palin glasses and some pantsuits for a Hillary dress-up. Lots to do before the big party.
    Coming to you from Texas, via BATW.
    Love, Joy

  8. Oooo, now *that* sounds like the right way to watch the “debates” these days. I really wish they were actual debates and controlled better and addressed issues vs offering soundbites. *sigh*

  9. That sounds like so much fun! It would accomplish two things: first, it would get my head out of the sand to actually watch the debates (I know who I’m voting for, why do I need to listen to them argue?). And second, it’s a party, for cryin’ out loud! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Hello! Greetings from Oklahoma! I just stopped by to check you out! What a FUN idea! I so would’ve played!!! I can’t wait to read more…I’ll be back but I’m off to get the gray hair back under control!!! What a cute family you are!

  11. What a creative and absolutely FUN party! We have nothing this exciting in Canada even though we’ll be voting on Oct. 14th already.

    The more is said by the candidates, the media, the pundits, the more confused I get. Is there truth anywhere?

    Congrats on being the featured blog today! I liked my visit.

  12. Hello from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi! I love your site! I too am a homeschooling mom and I love all the info you have here. 🙂

    I didn’t get to watch the debates at all. I was running crazy with my kids all over town. Thanks for the run down! You are too funny! 🙂

  13. We’ve been joking for week that we should start playing Election 08 – The Drinking Game.

    Then again we’ve watched both conventions and all three debates. I’m not sure I could hang in for all of that!

  14. Oh my gosh, you almost make politics seem FUN— fun, yes, I said fun. See, I always say “I’d rather stick a needle in my eye than debate politics”. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Oh yea, SURPRISE!

  15. Wow…are you having another party for the last debate on Wednesday! This sounds like so much fun!! Don’t be surprised if I show up on your doorstep right before kickoff–I’ll bring the salsa and chips, OK? Glad you got the Pop’rs. Can’t wait to hear what you think of them!

  16. I LOVE this post! I do a faux-presidential politics thing with Hot Tub Lizzy on Tuesdays at my place. I’d love to mention your debate party! Are you doing it again on Wednesday nite?

    BTW, sorry about Best Posts–I was precoccupied and it slipped my mind. I’ll be back next week, though. I promise! And please don’t forget: Today’s the Silly Sunday Sweepstakes over at my place today. Please come by & Share the Caption Love!

  17. I just found your blog on SITs.. and it is beautiful! How did you change the background and everything??

    I love your post on the debate… I love your bingo idea for the next one 🙂

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