Story Time: Clarification

Yesterday I wrote about awesome dresses that I’d love to wear to the ball. From comments I received I think I need to clarify a couple of things:

  • the ball isn’t until December (unless we also attend another one that’s next month) so I have plenty of time to pick a dress.
  • I’m cheap frugal so there’s no way I’m paying anywhere near the prices that are being asked for those gowns, even though they are beautiful. I would throw money at the sales clerk while snatching up the dress if I did have the money.

Which one would I choose if I were a real Queen? Well, obviously not the third one. We’ve established that it was a mistake to send that one down the runway. I sent out a little call for some photoshop help and Tori responded. I think the following has made up my mind for number one. Isn’t it totally me!?!?

I’m smokin’ hot in that picture! Maybe I will fork over the money for that dress. Of course it is only my head. Does the body come with the dress? So here’s this week’s Story Time: Interactive Style. Come up with a clever comment/story for the picture above. I’m thinking something forest-nymphy.


Also yesterday I lamented that I didn’t want to fight with my scanner so late at night to bring you the latest atrocity from my favorite magazine to make fun of. Well, I fought with my scanner tonight. I lost the battle but not the war. I ended up taking a picture of the magazine page. Please tell me if anything is excusable about the outfit below…

Huh!?!? Here’s the quote: “Mixing the contrasting-but complementary-patterns creates a really gorgeous, flowing silhouette.”

It does? It looks to me like she got dressed in the dark. And if you could see her face (Ashlyn scribbled on it today) you wouldn’t see a bold, confident smile. It’s more like a “I hope no one recognizes me…are they really going to publish this?” look. Since birth I have been told not to mix prints, especially when they’re going on the body. Leave it to Lucky to buck tradition for outlandish of-the-moment costume. Am I wrong here? Am I just getting old? May I remind you that I saw not a single jump suit on any single female body above the age of six this summer and Lucky had touted it as the next big thing

You can comment about this too.


Last, but certainly not least, get your post submitted to me for Best Posts of the Week! Just leave a comment here with the link or head over to BPOTW and leave me the link there. I’ll get it up Saturday morning!

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13 thoughts on “Story Time: Clarification

  1. vicki had never been happier to be tied to a tree in the woods, because she was wearing her very favorite seatbelt dress. restraints make her happy! (what, i didn’t say bondage.)

  2. You know, I’m contemplating letting my Lucky subscription expire – they are getting more and more out there with the clothes and fashion advice plus I’m a little tired of “gorgeous” “lush” “fresh” and “so unexpected” to describe everything from underwear to jewelry. Especially when it’s some ridiculous sailor stripe dress or sloppy pants that I could never, ever wear.

  3. **you must read this in your best Sarah Palin voice –
    “Oh, gosh! It sure is cold out here in this Alaskan forest. I wish they would have bought me a shawl to go with this $150,000 wardrobe, gosh darnit. Wait a minute – is that a moose I see??? Quick – where’s my gun?”

    I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it. I promise these political quips will cease in 2 weeks. Just can’t get it off my mind! Ha!!

    And – BTW – there is nothing acceptable in that outfit. Nothing! Unless, of course, that may be her Halloween costume. In which case, she could still do better.

  4. “HEY! Ya’ll!! come on in-soooo gladjoo could make it to my little dream world! What? this old thang? I just threw it on! Glad you like it though-you should meet my even skinner pal-dandelionmom–her dress is to die for! (if only I could wear one like that–SIGH!) 😛

  5. That outfit?? Ashlyn had the right idea! That is the “I can’t believe I am only getting paid SCALE to wear this”…it’s the same smile as on the chicks in the old lady clothes in the JCP BigBook-at least THEY get to hold a puppy 😀

    Even if you ignore the horrid pattern combos-look at the shape of that skirt!-if a model looks like she could pack a pumpkin under there- ain’t no WAY that shape would work on anyone with any (shape that is). flowing silo-ette is more like it(as in grain storage)

  6. Yep, that dress is totally you!

    As far as a caption for the pic…I got nada!

    And that look from Lucky is ATROCIOUS! I don’t know who would honestly think that getup is fashionable. Sorry, but no and no!

  7. I finally let my Lucky subscription expire. I started taking Domino (sister mag on home decor) and got irritated that both mags included some of the same articles on makeup or whatever.

    I kept Domino though. They don’t seem as capable of crazy combos in interior decor. Either that or I like me some crazy.

  8. When I saw that second outfit, FLOWING was the very furthest thing from my mind. Ugh.

    I wish I could think of something wonderful and fun to say about your forest-nymph picture, but my heads not completed healed so I am not very creative today.

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