What if he wins?… (not really an election post)


I know! I feel the same way! It’s a little scary to think about.


You may be wondering: “What up with the hair, Vicki?” (haha, pun intended)
I’ll tell you. This post was originally headed towards a shout out to the 80s, but this darn election…

After I got my hair cut I had to actually go out and buy some hair spray. I had a bottle that’s been in my drawers for literally three or four years. It didn’t even spray anymore. I told you I don’t normally do much with my hair. So…I bought a couple of bottles. And one happens to be Hi Hold + Hi Shine from Aussie. The first time I used this I realized what maximum hold meant. I could barely brush through my hair. Wait. I couldn’t brush through my hair. It was like marshmallow gunk had been sprayed into my hair and allowed to dry. 

My mind immediately flashed back to one great scene the 80s classic, Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Fast forward to 1:00. Now, I neither had the time nor patience to produce the full effect. I guess if I would have actually used the whole can I could have come closer.

 My hair did stand up on its own. Want proof?


Talk about an action shot…and I’m not even moving! Oh, I love this. They say laughing ads years to your life. People, after looking at the pictures on the camera I gained about five to ten years.


Now back to my political rant. Please choose carefully today. You don’t want me to end up looking like this forever do you? No, really, you don’t. Tonight we will be hosting another political party. This time we have had everyone guess which states will go red and which will go blue. I’ve borrowed Cindy McCain’s dress and Sarah Palin’s shoes and will be rooting hard. All my football teams won on Saturday…may my luck continue!

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I'm a photographer and homeschooler Dream = travel blogger. We move around every couple of years. That's fine, I love seeing different parts of our great country and the world. Great things: Jesus, traveling, photography, eating, sewing, scrapbooking, reading, shopping...not necessarily in that order.

20 thoughts on “What if he wins?… (not really an election post)

  1. I am considering an intervention friend…to do THAT to your lovely hair for blog fodder?? You may need help 😆

    But HEY!–congrats on gettin your silly mojo back on girl!!

  2. I was thinking the same thing: Silly returns! YAY!

    And I wondered if you’d have a party tonight. Though I have to admit, my hair will put yours to shame if he DOESN’T win … (and we’re talking about the same he.) 🙂

    But, the Redskins lost. Doesn’t bode well for the incumbent party.

  3. I can’t believe you did that to your hair! Girl, you are insane!

    I voted for McCain, and I feel at peace about it. I made the best decision that I could live with. The rest of my ballot was a mix of everybody! Yeah, I’m a rebel. 🙂

    Don’t bother reading Wicked. I heard so many rave reviews about it and was dying to read it: then was disappointed at all the “digs” at religion. It didn’t do it for me. I wanted it to blow me away, too. I hate when that happens!

  4. Crazy hair!

    Oh, and I’m totally buttin’ in where I’m not welcome, but follow Jaci’s advice. I don’t think you’ll like Wicked…I didn’t. It’s vulgar and secular, for a lack of a better word.

    I did vote this morning, and I think you know the basis for my voting decisions. =)

  5. I just voted!!, but before our votes get counted here in California, they are already calling the winner, it’s frustrating. I’m so glad this day is finally here and the ridiculous commercials and phone calls will stop, but I’m afraid I am not going to like the outcome of this election, I hope we prove the poles wrong!

  6. Wow now that is a hair do…lol…I need that spray for my son..he would love his hair to stick up like that…and yes I remember the movie Girls just want to have fun…it came on the other day in fact…lol….

  7. LOL! Oh my gosh…. I love it!!! You know what’s sad…. I used to could just brush my hair upside down and it would look like that. Even with no product… just frizz. 🙂

  8. You know how I feel about Girls Just Want To Have Fun…and Lynne Stone is the COOLEST character in that movie.

    And you know how I feel about Obama. And the fate of our country. We are two months away from the beginning of socialism. It FRIGHTENS me beyond belief. I’m glad God is always in control…He’s always waiting in the wings.

  9. This post made me laugh and if my hair would do that (anymore) it would be standing on end because of the outcome of this election. Yikes….

    But I do agree with you point in another post that no “man” can save us. Only God can do that and that’s where I put my faith.


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