The poison control number: a good thing to know

Did you know the Poison Control numbers vary by state? The number Du has in his phone is the Missouri Poison Control. Fortunately they were kind enough to help out even though we don’t live there anymore. I have since re-discovered the national number: 1-800-222-1222. I knew that it had 2s and 1s in it, but thought it was more like 2121212.

This story involves Ashlyn. Surprised? I took Reagan to dance yesterday all by myself. That meant I didn’t have a little tag-a-long friend there to “play” with me for the whole hour and fifteen minutes. She was home with Daddy who had the day off. When we got home I could tell by the look on Du’s face that he had had a stressful and tiring time (welcome to my world is what I wanted to say, and what I have said plenty of times…fortunately I held my tongue this time).

Me: How’d it go?
Du: Well, I just had to call Poison Control
Me: (Trying not to freak out because I try to be calm and collected during the crisis and then fall apart after it’s all over) Iseverythingok?Whathappened?What’swrong?
Du: Ashlyn ate some of her diaper rash cream.
Me: How much? The petroleum stuff? How much? Here, let me smell her breath…

What happened is that she got hold of her diaper cream, A&D, which is really Vaseline with some smelly stuff in it. It’s hard to squeeze out of the tube so she didn’t get much out. And fortunately she chose to eat her snack right in front of Du. She carried the tube from her room to where Du was then proceeded to smear the stuff in her mouth. He was able to finger sweep most of it out…at least we think…as long as she hadn’t noshed on it before she went to find him. He then got a wet cloth and tried to wipe her mouth out. I think the only lasting effecting was the slightly greasy poop she had this morning. At least, that’s what I’m blaming that poop on.

But I must admit, we had to call Poison Control for Reagan too when she was a toddler. She got into some furniture polish. The European kind that is a paste and very stinky. The kind that doesn’t have a word of English on it. The kind that a first-time mom is freaking out about because even the poison control specialist isn’t sure what to do. In the end she turned out ok. She probably didn’t even ingest any.

We used to have a Poison Control sticker plastered on our phone when we first had Reagan. The numbers on it slowly wore away to where it was only a white dirty blank sticker on the back of the phone. So here’s your warning to keep that Poison Control number on speed dial, no matter what state the number is from. Go check now and make sure it’s easily accessible. Because as I’ve found out two times over, even kids that aren’t “mouthers” can put things in their mouths. And it only takes once.

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11 thoughts on “The poison control number: a good thing to know

  1. Oh my goodness! It sounds like Du had quite the afternoon! There are so many numbers that I should have readily availabe yet do not for some reason. The fire department? The sherriff’s department? I suppose I just assume that 911 will save me every time.

  2. LOL–I think every mom has a poison control moment eventually! What kills me is how VERY VERY studied and CALM they are! My Leif once ate a big cherry thing off of a plant labeled highly toxic (good choice aye?) I almost laughed out loud when they asked how he is doing–He was TORQUED that we had fished it out of his mouth and wiped his mouth out! Turns out it is toxic in large amounts-he would have had to eat more than the plant we had! Those people have heard it ALL! My little poison-plant browser was nothin! ( I was expecting them to be like the ask-a-nurse line who listen, then look it up and then say see your Dr no matter what!)

  3. I had to call poison control for the same kinda thing…My youngest put the lid of furniture polish in his mouth and got what was in the lid in his mouth…I was worried…luckily he was fine..Always a number to have on hand for sure! 🙂

  4. Okkkkk…you not only have my child, and she looks like her, but you also live in my house!

    Last night, I too had to take the older daughter to dance. When I got back, Hubby had “that look” on his face.

    Luckily Spazzy didn’t eat anything THIS time…but she had decorated the white couch with blue marker.

    Yes, we have one of THOSE kids. ***sigh***

    PS. So glad Ashlyn is ok.

  5. I read this yesterday, just knowing it was Ashlyn, and wanted to make sure it was all OK … and then got distracted by 20 other things before I could comment.

    Man. This is probably why I wasn’t given fur-free kids.

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