Flitty Friday

My mind is in about a hundred different places so a post about one specific thing just won’t do.

1. First and foremost: I just read some posts from a new blogging friend, Cassoulet Café, and they brought a sense of nostalgia and desperation over me. Her way of expressing life and her emotions and what we all feel and go through but don’t really know how to express (maybe that’s just me) really spoke to me…I told her it makes me desperate to hold onto memories and try to preserve them, to not let go because I fear that I’ll lose them.

Life is so short (on this earth anyway) and why am I waisting on the useless when I have a husband and two children to be with and Kingdom work to do. Julie, your posts (about your time with your sons…good and frustrating) leave me feeling the same way. I want to build a little cocoon around my family and be happy in it until Jesus returns. But there’s real life to be lived and real work to be done.

There will be hardship and heartache and I know bad comes with the good, and the bad can be worked to make good. It’s not a sadness that I’m feeling, but more of a sentimental alertness…like I said at the beginning, nostalgia and desperation.

2. Who’s ready for Thanksgiving? Is it really just two weeks away? I’ve got to start grocery shopping more than once every two weeks. And that’s not because I’m Miss Martha who has planned her whole meals for the month and only has to go for things like milk and bread. I can’t even get my act together to figure out what we’re eating for dinner each night. So why go to the store when I can just dump a couple of canned things along with some leftovers into a pot, heat it up, and call it Vicki’s Secret Ingredient Goulash. So far we haven’t died.

What does that have to do with Thanksgiving? Well, I need to kind of plan on what we’re going to be eating. Thanksgiving is not something that you can just wing, which I have taken quite a fancy to doing. The transformation from OCD Vicki to Lazy Loser Vicki has almost been completed. Not till after Thanksgiving please. And Christmas…presents require prethought as well.

3. People, Why are you not submitting your posts to Best Posts of the Weekyet? I blog about this every week, and will continue to do so, so you might as well jump on board. Send me a link of your best post this week. I’m not asking for a kidney or even a kid. Everyone’s got a best post, even if you only wrote one. Don’t be self deprecating. And if you think I’m writing this to you then you’re right. I’m also writing it to him, and her and her who may read this blog and not submit to the other one. (Do I really have any hims that read this blog?)

5. I’m really jonesing to go to Europe again. We lived there for four years, but that clearly isn’t enough. I’ve come across so many blogs lately from authors who now live in Europe or have so recently. I want to be one of those, but I’ll take traveling. I’m thinking it must be a God thing, right?, if I’m coming across all these blogs at the same time? I’m not going out searching for them (I really honestly am not), so God is bringing them to me, right? I love how I rationalize. I am now in the convincing stage with the keeper of the finances (which could be eternal). But that would mean that OCD Vicki would have to bind and gag Lazy Loser Vicki to actually plan a trip that wouldn’t break the bank (I can do it honey, I promise!!).

6. Also: Everyone here enjoys The Onion, right? Good. You have got to watch this. No matter what side you were on before the election you’ve got to admit there’s some truth to this. And it’s not Obama bashing. And you’ll laugh. I promise! You’ll at least snort under your breath.

The picture below is a link to a video. You must click on the picture to get the full effect. If you like you could just stare at Obama, but it won’t leave you laughing.


Thank you to Angela from The Rock Pile! Now, everyone can admit that they knew/know someone who fits that description, no? I have a particular friend in mind. It’s not you. He doesn’t read this blog…I don’t think…

Well, that’s enough. Let’s jump off this crazy train. I hope you’re still here…

Published by NotSoSAHM

I'm a photographer and homeschooler Dream = travel blogger. We move around every couple of years. That's fine, I love seeing different parts of our great country and the world. Great things: Jesus, traveling, photography, eating, sewing, scrapbooking, reading, shopping...not necessarily in that order.

10 thoughts on “Flitty Friday

  1. Thanks for stopping by (and commenting!) on my BATW day!

    Thanks for sharing your great memories of Europe as well! I know that this will be a time we will look back on fondly.

    I hope you get over here soon!

    And to answer your question- My favorite vacation spot is Santorini. My favorite city is Paris. 🙂

  2. Hearin’ ya. Hearin’ ya.

    I kind of got jolted out of mycharmed little existence when the information arrived last night from one of the groups we’re working with in our holiday charity program.

    I teared up just reading this stuff. (Descriptions of and needs for two families.) Breaks my heart.
    And yet, I took another look and thought, “Well, they’ve been sent to us for help.” That means that if nothing else, their holidays will be bright.

  3. I’m ready for Thanksgiving. Of course, I’ve yet to be responsible for the meal yet. Actually, since this year I’ll be in town a couple days before we celebrate it, I’ll possibly ask mom if there is anything I can take off her hands. We tend to bicker if we’re in the kitchen together, but it’s a bonding kind of bickering, right?

  4. Hi Vicki! I voted for you!

    I can’t believe you’re having a hard time getting people to submit their posts. I look forward to that reminder email.

    And of course I’m not ready for Thanksgiving. It’s been so busy, who is? haha

  5. I love all the different thoughts on this post – that’s how I think a lot of the time, and thought it was great to have a post like that where it was several ideas and not just one thing. Good idea, and cute blog, BTW!

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