1100 at 1600

I told you last week that my husband had an amazing job interview and asked for lots of prayer. Now I think I can divulge a little more information. The address of the “house” at which he was interviewing is in the title. The location is right there at the convergence of Maryland, Virginia and the Potomac. (You know me and safety. I’m going to let you figure that one out instead of spelling it out for the bad guys).

Du was one of four guys to be invited to interview for the position and when he first told me about his opportunity my first thought was, “uh oh…how deeply will they look at you?” Because what I really meant was me, of course. I haven’t been flattering with my opinions neither here nor on Facebook. Any and everyone can read this blog and I have no doubt there are hackers out there who can get into Facebook if someone “needs to be looked at”.

And despite what you may think (because you know what I think) I was so excited for the possibility of actually him working and us visiting there. I mean, I could just envision us getting and giving personal tours whenever we had guests in town; the grand balls that I would have to get a new dress for each time; the girls playing with M@li@ and S@sh@ in scheduled and highly secure play dates; the obligatory Christmas photo his boss takes with each couple who works in that special place (that I would photoshop funny faces on); the amazing blog posts I’d be able to write. Some of those might have been pipe dreams, but we’re all being encouraged to dream a little out of our comfort zones right now aren’t we?

During the interview process Du was taken on a tour of the House and “ran into” a couple of people you may have heard about or seen.* His potential boss has a wife (who may or may not have fashion sense, the verdict is still out). Yes, Du saw her walking down some stairs (I didn’t even ask him what she was wearing, shame on me). His potential boss also has a right hand man (or is that left hand man? He is left-handed you know) who uses the term MiamiVice. Yes, that one actually said something like, “how’s it going?” to my husband as they passed in a hallway. He also saw the new amba$$ador to the U  N (when he mentioned the name Rice I thought he was talking about Condi at first and almost fainted right then and there). It was a big day, people, for someone who is as much of a political junkie as he is. And it was almost as big a day for me as I lived vicariously through him.

Even though he did his best and even dropped my name a couple of times he did not get the job. Shocking and surprising, I know. I’m convinced they either already knew who they were giving the job to and had to go through the interview process to check the appropriate boxes, OR one of the other applicants is a gushing, sickeningly over-the-top lover of the new @dmini$tr@tion and did whatever he had to do to get the job…or…they really did look into what I was writing and decided they couldn’t take the chance. The world may never know.

So, for now, I am still praying that our next mission field still will be in the c@pital even if it’s not directly right at the heartbeat of things. Living around there, even during the next four years, would be an exciting adventure that I want to ride up front, white knuckled, no seat belt, and no holds barred.

*Whereas “ran into” normally means you actually run into someone or at least casually meet them, here, to me, it means that he laid eyes on them. Doesn’t it just sound better?

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I'm a photographer and homeschooler Dream = travel blogger. We move around every couple of years. That's fine, I love seeing different parts of our great country and the world. Great things: Jesus, traveling, photography, eating, sewing, scrapbooking, reading, shopping...not necessarily in that order.

23 thoughts on “1100 at 1600

  1. Man! Sounds like quite the adventure. Bummer about the outcome though.
    Even so, I’ll tell you what the mother is so fond of telling me at times like this: Everything happens for a reason.

    I’ve threatened on occasion to smack her if she said that to me, only because she’s usually right. 🙂

    Something better is waiting …

  2. Ya know, not only would it have been a great experience for Du, it would have been GREAT to hear your “inside” opinion of what was “going on”! I hate that he didn’t get the job….is it wrong that I am still secretly hoping that he will get some highly classified major conspiracy theory type job in the ever controversial Montgomery, Alabama (said in my majorly southern Savannah “Paula Deen” style voice!) 😉

  3. You mean “especially” … not “even” during the next four years right? 🙂

    I hate he didn’t get the job but hopefully he’ll find something just as exciting…. or really exciting anyway.

  4. Oh bummer….I can’t imagine any family better suited for the House! You’d make an amazing first lady ya know!!! That’s it….they saw your blog and Facebook and she was completely intimidated by you…especially that post of you photoshopped into that ball gown!!

    All kiddin’ aside…I’m sure He has bigger plans for you – can’t wait to see what they are!! And what a heck of an interview story Du has!! I mean, really….to even be one of FOUR!?!


  5. I know what you mean about wondering if they looked at your blog. I blogged a fair bit about human rights violations in China and my disgust over having the Olympics in Beijing. So, when I went to apply for a China visa last year I temporarily closed my blog. Just wasn’t sure how deeply they were going to investigate me! 🙂

  6. I just love you – you live vicariously thru Du and then I live vicariously thru you! We never know what God has in store – just ask my husband – apparently he didn’t learn the last broken bone lesson. Did you know only 1% of fractures are the scapula? It’s the second hardest bone to heal right after the scaphoid that is still healing from last March! Sorry I’m venting…it’s either that or break our in hives 🙂

  7. Ha – I’m glad my husband wasn’t up for the job – he would have blamed my blog for sure on not getting the position. Even though you don’t align politically with the current administration, it still would have been fun!

  8. WOW!! I actually checked the calandar to be sure it wasn’t April 1 already! I can imagine you before those playdates.. “whatever you do girls..DON’T drink the Kool-Aid!”

  9. That is so cool! What a neat story you’ll always have to tell. I think you should definitely say your blog and FB page was so powerful, moving and opinionated that you’re the reason he didn’t get the job. You deserve that big pat on the back, you know!? 🙂

  10. Yes, I agree with Kelly. Great story. Brilliantly written, as per usual. It’s why I love you. Well, one of the 34 million reasons, at least.

    But honestly…
    with every fiber of my being,I mean what I’m abot to say. I have ZERO desire to visit that particular address or its inhabitants, over the next four years. None. Zip. Even if I find the cure for cancer and he offers to shake my hand. I will lovingly and respectfully decline. And then head on down to Texas for some real fun with real people whom I really love. Amen.

    p.s. But I would love it if Du got a job in that general vicinity–’cause we’d visit and take the girls to see the historical sites and then you and I could shop at Tyson’s Corner. FUN!

    Yeah, I said that.

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