My new PA

…pleasure apparatus



What? It’s for my face.

 I just had a birthday and didn’t think much about turning older until I opened this present. You know you’re getting old when your mother gives you this machine for your birthday. It’s called a Clarisonic and it’s sole purpose in life is to make my face look younger by making sure it’s as clean as it can be. It vibrates at something like supersonic speeds and even beeps at me to remind me to move it around my face. And it’s waterproof so I can use it in my shower. Which means I’ll actually use it. My mother knows me well.

I’m in love. This is one of those cool things that I’d never buy for myself because I’m so cheap money conscious. I’m all for keeping my youthful appearance but I don’t want to fork over anything to keep it youthful. Looking young takes more than $5 at WalMart and once a month usage. It’s taken other people to give me the things that are best for my face: this and the Bare Minerals.

So, here’s what I look like using it:


Not really. Her hair isn’t blond enough. But that sure is the pose I made in the mirror this morning. Then I used it as a fake microphone and sang my heart out to Cyndi Lauper.

My face has never been happier.

P.S. Thanks Mom!!

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10 thoughts on “My new PA

  1. What was it you blogged about a month ago,,,”Lord help me, I think I’m aging too quickly.” I can’t do much for the mental/physical perception but thought a “spit” shined face may help you to feel as young and beautiful as you are. And you’re welcome.

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