Jaded and cynical? Yes. Surprised? No.

Yesterday I said that we’d be finding out where we’re going today. One more day, remember? Of course, that was a stretch of the truth. Technically speaking the powers that be did input his assignment into the system today. My guess is they did it at 4:29 pm. It should generate and kick out an email tomorrow. You know what? It’s not that big of a deal that we have to wait one more day to confirm our suspicions and to find out when we need to be wherever it is that we’re going. What I’m angry about is that for the past two and a half months I can bet you what time those assignment guys were going home: 4:30. Probably not a minute later. Should I work harder and longer so my coworkers will have an assignment on time? Whatever, I have a hot dinner waiting on me. “Good enough for government work.”

We’re in somewhat of a special situation. Most other families don’t need to know where they are going this early in the year. There are several hundred though, including my husband, where an early assignment is critical. What I have been saying all along still rings true in my mind: is this the first time they’ve ever had to give out assignments early? No. They do it every year. There were two special situations that threw wrenches into the system this year and apparently that was too much for them to handle. What they should have done is worked harder to get the job done. Isn’t there a saying out there that says “we get more done before 9 am than most people do in a whole day?” Oh yeah, that’s the army. My husband doesn’t work for the army. And I could get into a whole philosophical debate about what’s happening with today’s forces, but I won’t. And what about integrity. That email traffic we got the other day said that my husband would have at least an email notification (nothing official) within 24 to 36 hours of Monday. Does that dude not know how many hours are in a day? How hard is it to write, “you’re going here” and hit the send button? AAGGGHH. I need to go throw something. Where’s the cat?

So, for now you’ll have to sit in suspense for one more night. It gets old doesn’t it? Believe me, I sympathize. Please come back though. If this happens again I’ll just spill the beans about where I think we’re going.

P.O.ed but with no legal recourse to take,

N.B. My husband is vehemently denying my assertion that the slackers dedicated technicians went home at 4:30. His positive outlook on life is leading him to be certain that they worked their tails off night and day until 30 April. This whole post is just a personal rant that is not backed up on any foundations of truth (other than my 13 years of experience with people like these). So, Sparky and others who may read this and actually know some of the dedicated technicians of which I gripe; it’s just me blowing off steam (you should have heard me on the phone with Du earlier). Tomorrow’s post will be a glowing tribute to these same ladies and gentlemen…as long as our assignment comes through.

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7 thoughts on “Jaded and cynical? Yes. Surprised? No.

  1. Again, I don’t know how you live this way. Hats off to you!

    It was bad enough the one and only time in my life I had to house hunt. And every time we found something the same real estate b*tch kept bumping us out of contracts. I kid you not. Same woman. Three times.

    I hope you get what you want. You sure deserve it!

  2. After working several years with and in two different orderly rooms of the AF, I can tell you that your term slackers is most appropriate. The only person I saw in each working their tail off was the first shirt. There were a few technicians that were diligent but they were totally out numbered by the sick, lame and lazy that got placed there to fill the void until they were ready to go back to full duty and the SL&L resented having to do ‘secretarial’ work. The diligent were constantly overwhelmed and carrying the load of three. The slackers knew their performance rating was going to suffer due to their injury, illness, wait on clearance, disciplinary action, etc.; they knew that they were there for a short duration and they just didn’t care if the job got done today, tomorrow or if it sat ’til the next slacker took their place. The only time the whole section worked their tails off and stayed past 3:30 was when getting ready for a mission; you could actually see a difference in attitude and performance. I’m afraid your ‘personal rant’ was justified.

    Hopefully we will hear from you today that the ‘official’ assignment has come through. I just hope I don’t get sick while reading your “glowing tribute” to the SL&L 🙂

    {{hugs}} to y’all for your suffering; may it end today.

  3. So sorry you’re dealing with this. I assure you, the Army is no better with assignments! And it’s so hard to not get angry when they have such control of your future! Hang in there!! Maybe they meant 24-36 “working” hours…?

  4. Vicki – you had me ROLLING at the end of the post! I was reading along, then BAM! There I am (you must know I read this…). Glad to hear you guys got your assignment – I know how frustrated you were with the process…I haven’t seen it this dorked up in a while. On a plus side, you guys dodged Barksdale…and that ain’t a bad thing!!

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