We’re headed to…(drumroll)







Finally! The suspense is over, for you and me! I was going to post Friday night where we thought we were going (D.C.) and just pray that word didn’t change before we got official notification. Things happened the way they normally do when you plan on doing something and I didn’t have enough time to post over the weekend…or is it that I didn’t make enough time. Either way, it’s official today and now all of my house hunting will not have been in vain. We’re going to D.C.!

Y’all, it’s going to be like a four year field trip! I had Du get a touristy what-to-do-in-D.C. book when he was up there interviewing for the job at the White House and I’ve been reading through that to get a taste of what will be available. Two of the many things I’m jazzed about so far:

  1. Free museums: The national museums are free. The zoo is free (unless you count the $16 parking, but we’re going to ride the metro). And we’ll get to go when it’s not crowded.
  2. Sessions of Congress and the Supreme Court. Oh yeah, I can sit in on a session of Congress! I can watch the Supreme Court decide the laws of the land! I wonder if they throw out hecklers…watch for me on CSPAN.

Other things to be excited about: culture; restaurants (and real international ones too); seeing friends and family who live in the area; meeting friends in person I’ve only met online (right Julie!); having friends and family come visit us! Which, by the way, friends and family, if you want us to rent a house that’s actually big enough for you to stay in you might want to start floating us monthly stipends.

THE HOUSE!! I’ve been searching in every conceivable location in and around D.C. I’ve even thought about living on the coast of Maryland and having Du endure an excruciating commute everyday. We promptly decided against that one. I’ve looked in the northwest of D.C.; in the southeast (which I’ve been advised against); Silver Spring, Maryland; Arlington in several of its neighborhoods; Alexandria in Old Town, Del Ray and environs; I’ve touched on the western suburbs, but right now I’d rather stay a little bit closer in. We’ll see what our budget and time will afford us. It’s the thrill of the hunt that I enjoy though. My obsessive compulsive nature gets to rear it’s ugly head. I’ve noticed the closer you get to the epicenter the more expensive everything is. For instance, we’ll probably be living in something the size of a matchbox and it will max out the amount we’re given for housing. Our main criteria: that Du’s commute isn’t long and that the girls and I have easy access to the metro for all those field trips we’re going to be taking.

Speaking of field trips, in school, we just got finished learning about colonial times and the Revolution. I’ve decided that we’re going to do that unit over again. How can I pass up a chance to take Reagan to Jamestown and Williamsburg and Yorktown; to Pennsylvania and (Lord willing) Boston; to Mount Vernon and Monticello; to explore the layout of “The Federal City” and try to imagine how it looked when L’Enfant’s vision was being implemented. What could be better than seeing it all in person?

So, thanks for waiting with me. Celebrate with me (!) and give me tips and ideas on what we should do and see while we’re there. And I will be…

Your Humble Correspondent,

N.B. The flag picture above was taken at the Museum of American History. It is the flag that was draped over the Pentagon the day after the September 11th terrorist attacks.

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18 thoughts on “We’re headed to…(drumroll)

  1. Congratulations! I know you wanted to go there and am so happy that you got what you wanted.

    I’ve never been to DC, so I can go vicariously through your field trips. 🙂

  2. Hooray! I’m jealous, except that there aren’t many conservatives living in DC – you are extremely outnumbered. Is this going to be like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington?

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with in the house department! Bet its going to rock!

  3. yay yay yay! both for where you’re going and the fact that you finally know for sure. release the house-hunting hounds!

    my favorite was the national cathedral – not for sunday mornings of course, but for the tours and all the history that is there. it’s a place that makes the cry of “separation of church and state” ring hollow.

  4. That’s fantastic! My grandparents lived in DC and I have wonderful memories of spending my summers there. Finding a place to live will be a challenge – will be praying for y’all about that! And watch out Obama!!

  5. Yeah, we will definitely connect when I am home on furlough. I went to George Mason so I know NOVA (Northern VA) really well. Or used to, things change so quickly… and it is weird but I guess it has been almost 10 years since I lived there…so strange!

    Okay, the church is in Reston VA… it is called Reston Bible Church. And McLean Bible is closer to DC, and it is a mega church, but I have lots of friends that go there and like it…

  6. I’m excited for you…and the possibility of having a “hotel” to stay at…or at least free tour guides!!!! I am going to miss you terribly, but now I have an excuse to get to DC with out kiddos….a f2f meeting!

  7. Yay–closer to me again!

    Four years? Really? That is AWESOME!

    Scott said to tell you not to live in Maryland. According to him and Robbie, “The worst drivers in the world reside in Maryland.” Take that for what you will.

    We were talking recently about taking the girls there next summer…since Caroline will be 4 1/2 and able to understand the history better. Libbey is raring to go…she’s highly invested in the life of Lincoln and longs to see the Memorial. I love a child who loves history!

    when do y’all move?

  8. Let me know when you head to Colonial Williamsburg – I love that place. If the weather holds out Jared and I are going there for Mother’s Day:)

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