Mish mash

I’ve got a lot swirling in my head right now. I guess I’m like my cats in that respect–two brain neurons floating around aimlessly only to haphazardly meet every once in a while, producing random thoughts. mmmhmm.

We had a good weekend down in Hampton but a tough time getting there. What should have taken 2.5 hours took 6. I was ready to kill something…mainly the VDOT people who can’t seem to understand that widening the I95 S and I64 E corridors would be a good idea. Apparently they’ve had the money allotted for that project for some time, but judging from the amount of time it took to complete their road project down in Hampton when we lived there (it took over three years), I won’t see this happen in my time here in DC. So that means my friends down in Hampton Roads will probably not see me a lot. Unfortunate, because I’ve got some great friends down there. But it’s best that I not kill anyone.

Monday was a really hard day for me. It’s like everything was conspiring to bring me down. I do indeed believe in spiritual warfare and don’t doubt for a minute Satan and/or his minions were working me over. In fact, I probably would have sworn Ashlyn was possessed if you’d have asked me Monday. But I claim her spirit for Jesus. I’ll stop now because I can sense the weirdness some of you are feeling.

There are some phrases and words that hit the mainstream like bullets and are used by any and everyone until they are beaten into the ground and die a painfully slow death…exploitation to the point of diminished returns. And there are some words and phrases that become associated so closely to one person that it’s obviously a robbery when someone else uses them. I’m thinking of “yummo”. You all probably know who that word belongs to. I admit, I have stolen it before, but only once or twice. People get stuck using certain words and phrases and they become theirs. They become an extension of that person.

It took me over a decade to begin using the phrase “that rocks” because I was sick of hearing everyone else use it when it rocked to begin with. Also, a waitress I worked with used it in every sentence she uttered so I actually couldn’t use that phrase because I’d be stealing it from her. I don’t remember the situation it surrounded, but a while back several people on Fox had begun saying “tiptoeing past the graveyard”. It was such a memorable statement that when it was said once it really couldn’t be used again without seeming contrived and, well, stolen…but it was, and the commentators kept using it. And I rolled my eyes. So!, therefore, I will most likely not be heard using the words “fail” or “vet” (as in “to vet a candidate”) or other various and sundry phrases that so do not rock since they are eye-roll worthy right now. Those two words and plenty others are used ad nauseam in this area. Be original people! I’ll probably begin using them in some future election cycle though and I’ll be all retro and I’ll rock.

Ten days. That makes me happy. It also makes me anxious. I don’t want to wish away these next ten days, but it’s hard to be content in the moment when I really wish it were August 1st.

Yeah. That’s about it. Do you have a word or phrase that you’ve heard one time too many? Do you have a word or phrase that you use so much it could be considered yours?

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I'm a photographer and homeschooler Dream = travel blogger. We move around every couple of years. That's fine, I love seeing different parts of our great country and the world. Great things: Jesus, traveling, photography, eating, sewing, scrapbooking, reading, shopping...not necessarily in that order.

4 thoughts on “Mish mash

  1. “Holy Hannah!” OR
    “Crazy Coconuts!” both of these are used for kids sakes. Try to keep the swaering to a minimum around here.
    And anoyingly I can be known to say “Are you kidding me?” like all of the time when someone says something a little shocking or not shocking at all… how about way too much! I am not kidding you!

    My husband on the other hand may have stollen his saying (not certian),all I know is that it is as anoying if not more than mine. “I’m not saying, I’m just sayin’ ‘”

    The count down is on! Thinking of you. I will say a little prayer that your move is successful and that you get settled in as quickly as you would like.

  2. oh sweetie…get used to that traffic now! What ever time you think a drive ‘should’ take, just triple it from the get-go! And get yourself a nice car that you enjoy being in with lots of music you enjoy! When I bought my convertible, the commute was so much more bearable!! I also started getting the audio CD’s at Cracker Barrel – I never “read” so much before sitting in DC/NoVa traffic! They were talking of widening I-95 when we left in 2006….by the time they get around to it, we won’t need highways anymore cause cars will fly!

    Just sayin’… (that’s mine!) 🙂

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